The following is recent news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Sunday, May 12, in points quota, Preston Ward, Tim Riley, Greg McDaniel and Phil Bowen finished first at 123; Robb Herron, Rick Cronin, Paul Doody and Chip Curry, second at 119; and Alex Carroll, Butch Norman, Butch Littlefield and Duke Marston, third at 116.

Preston Ward finished first gross 76; Alex Carroll, second gross 77; Mike Knox, third gross 81; Cliff Staples, first net 67; Greg McDaniel, second net 68; and Bob Delio, third net 69.

The pin winners included: Duke Marston, 3-8 on the third hole; Preston Ward, 28-9 on the ninth; Greg McDaniel, 11-1 on the 12th; and Bob Delio, 6-6 on the 18th.

On Tuesday, May 7, in twilight league play, for Class A, Jesse Johnson finished first gross 36; Kevin Nickerson, second gross 39; Preston Ward, third gross 40; Russ Prime, first net 31; and Alan Blood and Terry Whitney, tied second net 34.

The pin winners were: Rick Cronin, 6-6 on the third hole; and Russ Prime, 0-12 on the ninth.

For Class B, Cory Chase finished first gross 43; David Riley, second gross 46; David Peaslee, third gross 48; Tony Gilmore, first net 36; and Joel Bartlett, Brian Beaulieu and Jim Boulier, tied second net 37.

The pin winners were: David Riley, 32-0 on the third; and Dan Eaton 9-6 on the ninth.

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