Members of Girl Scout Troop 1887 and Boy Scout Troop 233 got together May 5 to give back to the family of Clayton Larrabee, a man they admired and respected for all his work and involvement in the community.

Girl Scouts prepared gardens at the Larrabee house in Knox for the upcoming season by pulling weeds, thinning out and planting new flowers, and moving old flowers to new spaces. One adult helper brought a rototiller to till the garden, making quick work of the task.

They also put down black weed barrier to help prevent the invasive plants from coming back, and lastly the girls spread mulch to give the garden a finished look.

Boy Scouts worked on clearing the yard of broken tree limbs, removing debris from shrubs and picking up any trash from the lawns. They also helped prepare a flower bed by the mailbox for the Girl Scouts, raked the back lawn and planted two trees.

The troop leader and assistant troop leader provided the entire group with lunch, with Larrabee's widow, Winona, first to enjoy the meal.

Larrabee died March 26 at Maine General Medical Center, with family by his side, after an extended illness. He was well-known for his generosity to the community and for giving back at every opportunity.

One of his most cherished accomplishments was the creation of Larrabee Field on land he donated along Abbott Road in Knox. Nothing brought him more joy than to sit in his living room and watch the youth of Waldo County play sports on that field.