Here’s the long-range weather forecast from now until the Fourth of July: Rain, cold, more rain, chance of snow, then some more rain, followed by cold and rain showers.

Under the feeder

Walking by my suet feeder the other day I spied a wet and bedraggled evening grosbeak. The poor bird was thoroughly soaked and huddled up against the cold. It was a pitiable sight.

A lone hummingbird returned last week, one year to the day from when hummers returned last year. I immediately set out a sugar-water feeder and the bird began drinking. But after that it was gone. Perhaps it decided that it had returned too early and so headed back south to warmer climes.

Perchin’ prediction

Sorry to belabor this cold theme, but fishing has suffered because of the lingering cold. I spent a miserable five hours one day last week trolling for trout and all I got was the chills. Moreover, the fingers on my left hand, which had gotten frostbitten some years ago, turned white and numb. Now that’s cold.

I’ve had warmer days on the ice. And to think, by the time this column comes out in print I’ll be fishing on Moosehead Lake, where spring was even later arriving. Perhaps I should take up an indoor hobby. At least it would be warm.

Spring greens

Despite the weather, ostrich fern fiddleheads were ready for picking at roughly the same time as last year. I got enough for myself and also for a friend.

Dandelions, though, are another story. Dandelions on my lawn are just now big enough to dig. Only it’s raining and digging dandelions in the rain ranks slightly below jogging or being compelled to listen to Rap music, at least in my estimation. Thank goodness good Samaritan Clayton Blood brought bags of cleaned dandelions to church last Sunday to give to those who relish the nutritious and tasty greens.

Stinging nettles and wintercress, two plants that roughly coincide with fiddleheads as per when they become ready to pick, are still quite small. Perhaps by this weekend they will be ready for harvest.

Trash & recyclables

Since May 27 is a holiday, trash, along with recyclables, will be picked up on Tuesday, May 28. Also note that beginning in June, recyclables will be picked up the last Tuesday of each month.

Weekly quote

“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason. – Mark Twain