In order to create the attitude of acceptance for the unacceptable breach of societal norms and the rule-of-law basis for America, a manipulation of what information the public receives (especially in this age of digital media) needed to be achieved. The same has been true for some time in Europe, many thanks to the globalists within the EU bureaucracy and their financial supporters.

The crisis level of illegal immigration currently flooding America’s border with Mexico is an example of what had already been tried – with disastrous success – in Europe in recent years. Not that many people here paid attention to it, but the funding behind the floods of illegal immigrants and the clear organizational efforts to promote these invasions has been very much from the same sources.

In Italy the flood of African and Middle Eastern illegals going back several years were being encouraged by the actions of a handful of nongovernmental organizations; a few notable ones would be Avaaz, Oxfam, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. According to Italian investigative journalist Francesca Totolo, all these groups had one particular funder in common, Open Society Foundation  — financed by the billionaire George Soros. The web of “migrant involved” NGOs there is a rat’s nest of deceit designed to destroy national sovereignty..

Now Mr. Soros is quite generous and clever in managing the green-washing of funds to many organizations around the world, but he seems to concentrate his efforts on destabilizing countries by financing so-called grassroots organizations that seek to overthrow established systems of government by causing chaos and garnering news coverage. There is nothing better than a flood of migrants who come from another culture, do not speak the language, and have a fifth column within the country demanding immigration controls be eliminated to accelerate law-breaking and upheaval.

In Italy, back in 2008, OSF directly funded the formation of a news/information organization, Carta di Roma, to “promote correct information about immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in Italy.” This would have been prior to the collapse of Libya, the escalating Syrian civil war, and the attendant flood of illegals to follow. The goal of C-d-R was to alter and discourage the news coverage of anything relating to illegal immigrants. Does this sound familiar? “Carta di Roma now recommends that any possible references to the ethnic origin of a criminal be removed from a published article.”

As Totolo points out, the ultimate goal of this propaganda is to make Italians ”feel guilty if they don’t accept immigrants, legal or illegal, they must be accepted no matter what.” The only saving grace here is that the Italian government is now in the hands of a realistic party that actually believes in national borders and controlling immigration rather than the absurd open-borders philosophy of the current Pope — who, by the way, lives behind walls 39 feet tall.

It only took a few years for the arbiters of American newsroom linguistics, the AP Stylebook, to get the same message from the Soros affiliates here. In January 2013 Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll announced the contradictory change (reversing AP's stance of only a few years before) that would affect newsrooms nationwide, “The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or the use of ‘illegal’ to describe a person. Instead, it tells users that ‘illegal ‘should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally. Except in direct quotes essential to the story, use illegal only to refer to an action, not a person: illegal immigration, but not illegal immigrant.”

Relative to the caravans at the southern border, who is behind the organizing and funding? From Chicago we have an all-star cast of anti-rule-of-law organizations doing this work, Centro Sin Fronteras (Center without Borders) and Las Familia Latina Unida (The United Latin Family) share the same address in Chicago, along with the Adalberto United Methodist Church. LFLU is an outgrowth of Centro Sin Fronteras, started by illegal alien Elvira Arellano.

Arellano had already been deported several times for various illegal acts prior to 2002, but after she was arrested again in Chicago in that year, the CSF founded the LFLU, and she was placed on probation with conditions.

However, not willing to obey the courts, she refused to follow her probation order or to appear before the immigration court in 2006, and to avoid custody she “fled” to the Adalberto Church at the same address. This is a model of what America can expect from those who aid and abet this sort of behavior. Professionals at gaming the system and guilt-tripping via the media, there is nothing laudable about these people or the organizations.

LFLU operates another organization here and in Mexico, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, which has had a major hand in organizing the caravans from Central America and funneling funding to these groups from a coterie of “progressive” groups in America, which naturally include Soros’ OSF.

There have been vengeful retributions by allies of OSF for outing their activities. After a broadcast critical of George Soros’ activities in Latin America to cripple governments, John F. Lansing, an Obama appointee and head of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (remember what Totolo observed, they need to control the media), ordered the firing of eight reporters and editors at publicly funded Television Marti who were involved in the production and broadcast of the story in May 2018. And who might it be that squawked loud enough to get Lansing to fire eight people over this? That would be corrupt – but not expelled – Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

In my next article I will delve into the hidden migrant camps in remote locations in Panama that are funneling Middle Easterners and other aliens through Costa Rica and on northward to the U.S. border. It is referred to as “controlled flow.” Any sane person would call it a slow invasion.