Another Memorial Day is about to pass. And soon the Fourth of July will fade into history. The town of Waldo does not host special events for either of these dates, but perhaps in time we will do more in the way of recognizing these two important days. It’s an idea whose time has come.

Perchin’ prediction

As of late, fishing has been an up-and-down affair, more predicated upon weather than anything else. We’ve had such foul weather this spring that finding anything like comfortable conditions on the water continues to stand as a  problem. I was fortunate last week to hit Moosehead Lake during a two-day break in the wind and rain.

It was still cold, but winter clothing helped keep the chilblains away. Nonetheless, I did well on salmon and even caught a togue on my fly rod. The lake trout nailed a Wood Special bucktail fly in 9 feet of water, something unusual (except for just after ice-out) for this deepwater species.

I wish everyone luck in finding a similar window of favorable weather for their sport.

In the garden

Garden you say? What once passed for garden beds at my place now bear a close resemblance to mudflats. At this rate, we won’t get our crops in until mid-June. All we can hope for now is that the first fall frost will hold off until at least late September.

Under the feeder

Last week’s interesting birds include a yellow-rumped warbler, an evening grosbeak and a yellowthroat warbler. Warblers are flooding back into coastal Maine and everyone with access to wood edges and brushy areas has the opportunity to spot some of these interesting and colorful little birds.

One last reminder

Both trash and recyclables will be picked up Tuesday morning, May 28, this month. In June and thereafter, recyclables pickup will be on the last Tuesday of the month.

Weekly quote

“A dripping June keeps all in tune.” – Old English proverb