Enough of mayor’s antics

Election Day this November can't come fast enough. Speaking of enough, I think the majority of the citizens of Belfast have had enough of the current mayor's antics. The latest is the “manufactured” controversy over the name of the Tarratine Tribe’s headquarters, the Red Men Hall, that came up in a discussion of polling place locations.

First of all, the city should not pay one penny to “rent” a facility for a polling location, since the city owns facilities such as the Belfast “Not so Free” Library. It took the council nearly 40 minutes in the last meeting to noodle this subject around, with no conclusions. And many wonder why the council meetings turn in marathon sessions lasting into the early hours of the following day.

Belfast is getting ink for all the wrong reasons. As if we didn't have enough controversy last year, now the Bangor Daily News is adding video clips to its news articles. As I alluded to in my infamous “Bizarro World” letter to the editor back in February, I think I know what is going on with the mayor. 1) She has dug herself such a deep hole to climb out of that any bid for re-election is being sabotaged. 2) She is looking to seek higher office in Augusta but she'll have to represent Aroostook County where few people have heard of her. 3) She wants to jump into the national spotlight ala AOC, aka Occasional Cortex. If a bartender can get elected to Congress, why not her with nursing credentials. The upside is she'll have to move out of state since Maine has only two congressional districts.

There might be a solution to this problem: Eliminate the position of the mayor! A commentator to the BDN article put it simply: “Belfast should just have a town council. The position of mayor in Belfast is just silly. In reality, it is just one more council member position: same election, same tenure, same responsibilities, same privileges.” A five-member council can simply elect a councilor to run the meetings and in the event that there are only four councilors present at a meeting and a tie occurs, the item will simply be rolled over to the next meeting for a full vote.

The window for qualifying to run for the position of mayor is 100 days up to 45 days before Election Day. It's unfortunate that I couldn't find this information on the city website and had to call the City Managers' Office. It's never too early to start the process of seeking out new candidates for Belfast's next mayor.

To quote the current mayor in her own words, “As an elected leader, I am a role model for people in my community. I find it imperative to be my authentic self, so that other people can see a young, queer woman in a leadership role.” Need I say more?

Eric Schrader


Brooks Roadside Pickup: Thanks

On behalf of the Brooks Town Office and the Planning Board I am writing to thank supporters and the 40 active participants who made the first Roadside Trash Pickup Day on May 18 so successful. We collected one ton of trash and $45 worth of cans and bottles!

Thanks go to Belfast Police Sgt. John Gibbs who was so generous with his time and suggestions on how we might want to organize this process.

We are so grateful to the following businesses and individuals that contributed time and energy, money or goods for supplies, and made lunch possible for volunteers. In alphabetical order they are: Better Homes and Garden Real Estate in Belfast (Judith Brossmer), Brooks Town Office, Brooks Recreation Committee, Gibbs Family Hardware, Belfast Hannaford (Eric Breton, Mgr.), Ironwood staff and students, Morse Memorial School fourth- and fifth-graders (Myla Kreider, Principal), Ralph’s Café (Mike Switzer, Frank Champa and Susan Champa), and Sullivan’s Trash Removal in Thorndike (Jerry Sullivan).

What a great community effort! Thanks again to one and all.

Linda Lord


Address real-world problems

Since the beginning of the year, I have read with interest the various essays captioned "Another View" and authored by "individual(s) who are member(s) of a group of concerned citizens(s) who meet regularly in the Midcoast."

My reading of those columns would suggest that those meetings are hyper-caffeinated events at which members exchange various paranoid notions (see, especially, Ackerman column May 23) derived from the internet.

At the risk of being presumptuous, I would like to suggest to the concerned citizens that it would be far more helpful to humanity to ponder and discuss, say, the consequences of capitalism, climate change, income inequality, the American system of health care provision, the state of black America, gender bias, or a host of other problems that exist in the real world.

Bob Meggison


Maybe stay away

That fella from away who purchased land and buildings down near the water is busy doing what people from away usually do. He is putting up fences and private property signs. Planning, I guess, to shut off access to the Boathouse from the former French & Webb property. Do you suppose he will put a fence and private property signs around his United Farmers Market property also? Not good for business. Maybe we should stay away from there. Just saying.

Richard F. Dinsmore


Volunteers for Garry Owen House

The Garry Owen House in North Searsmont is a shelter to help veterans in need. The purpose is to give a person a stable base from which to integrate back into the community. The board of directors is currently looking for volunteers to help carry on this mission.

We need two people, who must be veterans, to fill positions on the board. One is a recording secretary to take minutes at the business meetings. These minutes are an important aspect of the organization, as they will reflect the business proceedings, i.e., motions and votes, directions for fundraising, and care for residents at the shelter. The other board member is a coordinator and administrator for the house and residents, responsible for documenting and verifying valid veteran status and assisting in daily operations.

We would also like to have a larger group of volunteers to help in various ways, such as at fundraising and community events. We interact with many organizations such as Preble Street, Easter Seals and other veteran-oriented groups. Veteran status in preferable but not necessary for these positions.

We have had 37-plus veterans come through our door since Christmas 2016. Most have been successful in starting afresh with a brighter future.

For more information call 589-4730.

Dana Philippi, President


Getting pregnant is a choice

Let’s take religion out of the equation with regards to abortion. If a person spends their life drinking to excess and destroys their liver, should taxpayers pay for the surgery to replace that organ? How about a smoker who develops lung cancer?

In both of the above cases the medical issue was caused by the poor judgment of the individual. The dangers of these two activities are well known. People need to be held responsible for their actions. If you speed through a neighborhood and get a ticket that’s on you.

The pro-choice crowd wants you and me to pay for their lack of responsibility. Getting pregnant is a choice. If you choose to jump into bed and have unprotected sex, you risk both disease and pregnancy.

Not getting pregnant is not difficult! You don’t have to live in a convent or even refrain from casual sex. All it takes is a bit of common sense and one of the many methods of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The focus should not be on the easy, common and expensive access to abortion but instead on the many easy and inexpensive methods of birth control. It is your choice. I don’t want to pay for your errors in judgment.

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.

Stockton Springs