The Capt. Albert W. Stevens School Civil Rights Team participated in an end-of-year activity to show the community it supports all kinds of love. The group painted crosswalks in the school parking lot in rainbow colors.

The Civil Rights Team Project was sponsored by the Maine Attorney General’s Office in Augusta. Members meet regularly to initiate projects that engage the community and focus on the five protected areas in the Civil Rights Act: national origin/ancestry, disability, gender, race and orientation.

According to co-advisers Sara Pendleton and Cynthia Martell, there are K-12 civil rights teams all throughout the state with a mission to educate their communities, respond to acts of bias, and work to make schools feel safer and more welcoming for everyone.

Some comments from students at CASS about the team included:

“The Civil Rights Team is awesome!”

“We have so much fun and do really important things.”

“I feel good about what we do.”

Besides painting the crosswalks, a few of the members' favorite activities have been teaming up with the Life Skills Program and supporting their fellow students at the Special Olympics.

Students have offered a number of classroom presentations and activities within the school, created a civil rights section in the school library, read civil rights-themed stories to the younger students, and surveyed the school to chart on a huge map where everyone’s ancestors came from.

Pendleton and Martell said they are proud of the CASS team and the impact they have had on the entire school community.