Searsmont Town Office

For years the town has been working with residents to encourage them to separate trash and recyclables and recycle as much as possible. Now we are being asked to bag everything together.

What is up with that? It is creating much confusion in the community.

Basically, the crashing market for recyclables and our pending change to Fiberight for trash disposal are the reasons for these changes. Instead of getting paid for recycling, there are now fees for its disposal.

At Fiberight, all incoming materials are sorted using recycling technology to recover reusable waste materials, upgrade them and market the new value-added product, according to their website.

Town bags are now required for all waste and recyclables at the transfer station and all can be bagged together. However, residents are welcome to bag their recyclables and waste in separate town bags if they choose.

Searsmont Town Library

For the first day of summer, the Searsmont Town Library will officially open the Searsmont Seed Library; we will be accepting donations of leftover seed, which will become available to "borrow" in spring 2020. Happy growing!