Matthew Norwood fulfilled a longtime dream when he opened Baby Burrito in City Park on June 8. He runs the new food stand with his partner Maggie Goscinski and their son. They serve Mexican-inspired food like tacos and burritos at an economical price.

The name, Baby Burrito, is a play on words — he hopes to use the small venue to give people the same experience as a full-scale establishment. It was important for Norwood to make the food available to anyone who visits the park and wants to buy a meal or snack.

“It’s a big thing for everyone to be able to access the food. I don’t like selling really expensive plates of food. I want everyone to be able to experience it,” he said.

Norwood has a passion for Mexican cuisine that he hopes will take him to Mexico City one day. His appreciation of spicy food was influenced in part by living in South Carolina as a teenager. He serves food that’s friendly to people who enjoy spicy and mild food.

A resident of the world, Norwood lived in England, Germany and the United States as a child, when his father worked for the National Security Agency. Maine has always been an anchor-point for him because his parents are from Boothbay. He has deep family ties that are rooted in the state's fishing industry.

“I love Maine," he said. "I’ve lived in a lot of places and this place has everything. There’s nothing that I want-for here. It’s a great place to raise a kid.”

Norwood started cooking at a young age out of necessity. He was able to experiment with cooking many different foods. In his childhood he was a picky eater but as an adult he says there’s nothing he won’t try.

“I can’t think of one thing that I would say no to, at least once, like fried bugs, at least one time,” he said.

Norwood has started bestowing the same passion for cooking on his 8-year-old son, Ian. The first thing they cooked together was pancakes. Ian can be spotted popping in and out of the kitchen, serving food when he’s not playing in the park.

“He’s been winking at people and now he’s been telling jokes as well, so he’s got a whole little gig,” Goscinski said.

Norwood gained much of his professional experience locally, cooking unique food at Chase’s Daily in downtown Belfast, where he met Goscinski. She is currently working on getting her real estate license.

“What I think sets Matt apart is he’s such a perfectionist in every aspect of the ingredients sourcing, making everything by himself, grinding the corn for tortillas, and yet still really, really wants it to be affordable,” Goscinski said.

Norwood admits his profits aren’t high but that it’s a place that allows him to develop his own culinary style and gets his food to a wide range of people.

“I’m not doing it for the money. I need money to live, but it’s more about feeding good people and creating a positive experience,” he said.

Norwood decided Belfast was a great opportunity to launch his first food outlet because of the open and accepting people.

“I just feel like there’s a culture of openness here for everything, really, not just food. Just, everyone's pretty open-minded in Belfast and it just seemed like a good fit,” he said.

A big part of Norwood’s passion for food is his memories tied to certain flavors and food. Banana pudding always reminds him of going to church in South Carolina when he was younger. He wants to give people the opportunity to create good memories to take with them while they’re eating his food.

“So much of our life is food. I mean, we have to eat to survive, so if you can have such a positive experience with it (food) with other people and it’s familiar, you know, it’s something you remember,” he said.

Norwood hopes to use this as a learning opportunity in his quest ultimately to own his own brick-and-mortar restaurant where he can cook cuisine inspired by different cultures.

Baby Burrito is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday through Sunday.