Mayor Samantha Paradis will not seek re-election. She made the announcement at the City Council meeting June 18, saying that being the mayor of Belfast is one of her "greatest achievements." Paradis declined to comment further.

Councilor Eric Sanders announced he will not seek re-election to the City Council but will run for mayor.

"I will not be seeking re-election to City Council this time. … I will be seeking the position of mayor in November," Sanders said.

Councilor Mike Hurley said he will seek re-election for his position on City Council. He expressed encouragement for a challenger who is opposed to Nordic Aquafarms so he can argue for the project in an effort to help the public understand his position.

"I really want to have a candidate run against me who is in opposition to the fish farm. I really want to make the case on the stage of the election for why I support it, for why I think it's good for Belfast and I hope I get a fervent opponent who wants to make their case and let's take it to the people of Belfast," Hurley said.

Paperwork to run for City Council is available 100 days before the November election.