A local manufacturer of golf tees, Lincoln Logs and cigar tips had a fire break out in one of its wood chip silos Thursday afternoon.

At approximately 12:45 p.m., a call came in alerting crews of a fire at Pride Manufacturing Co. at 10 North Main St.

While employees enjoyed a company picnic under big white tents, Burnham and Clinton fire crews were busy spraying a stream of water into an access door while another crew member shoveled and raked steaming wood chips out of the silo.

Senior Director of Manufacturing Randy Dicker said it was a "small fire" and there was no threat to any other structures or materials. There were no injuries reported and Dicker said a clean-up crew would be coming in.

There was a previous fire in the same silo six or eight months ago, Dicker confirmed.

Clinton Ambulance also responded to the call along with Pittsfield Fire Department, which was on standby.