As I listened recently to our minister’s sermon based on the Book of Acts, wherein Peter is told that there is another view of Christian acceptance that differs from the orthodoxy of conventional scripture, I thought of today’s political world. Two other insights buttressed the oppositional idea that we must challenge what is sometimes considered conventional wisdom.

My first insight is that there is an abhorrent group-speak on the left that is based upon beliefs that are viewed as self-evident truisms. Here are two examples taken from letters and articles in Maine newspapers last week: “…many of us on the Midcoast have watched liberal democracy fall away revealing deep veins of hatred, misogyny, racism, intolerance, and homophobia.” Of course, this was aimed at President Trump, as was. “…he is willfully ignorant of the foundation of the United States, and is step by step dismantling the Constitution.” The last statement is so completely laughable on its face that it really doesn’t deserve serious consideration – particularly from the side that wants to abolish the Electoral College. Nevertheless, this is the dogma on the left. As for the “hatred, intolerance” rant, could it not also be applied to Democrats such as Congresswomen Omar and Talib, who have shattered the respectful decency of floor debate with their profane language, dreadful disrespect of the 9/11 tragedy, and mind-numbing anti-Semitic diatribes? I offer this to counter the left’s sky-is-falling view of the Trumpian era.

My second insight is homespun. I overheard two schoolteachers discussing a recent union presentation wherein Trump was excoriated by one speaker after another. In obvious frustration, one said to the other, “Where is it written that all teachers must be Democrats?” Wow! Here was the clearest possible, plain-spoken expression that the assumed political orthodoxy of progressives is patently false.

I further my challenge to the left’s orthodoxy with an observation that probably doesn’t rise to that provided to Peter, but which definitely informs mere mortals today. Have you ever noticed that in social gatherings – house parties, golf chatter, theater queues etc., those on the left are quick to offer their political views? Invariably, there is an assumption that their opinions are based on an orthodoxy which we must, of course, all hold valid: Trump is evil; Republicans are racist; capitalism is bad. Curiously, conservatives in these situations seem to hold their fire. They either stay silent or respond with something bland, such as, “Do you really think so?” Or perhaps it might just be seen as plain boring to simply state a fact, such as, “In May, according to the Labor Department, there were 7.449 million unfilled jobs, and 5.824 unemployed.”

I conclude with my belief that there is an abhorrent sanctimony on the left concerning our present political condition. While by no means perfect, our country is strong, our country is safe and we Americans are enjoying a quality of life that is the envy of the world. It might just be time for those on the left to get off their not-so-magic carpet and experience a Peter-like revelation of what is considered political orthodoxy today.