Every week for the last month, East Belfast Elementary School has received a free case of bananas and apples from Belfast's Hannaford Supermarket.

On Tuesday, students thanked Produce Manager Felicia Wade and Assistant Manager Dylan Flood for the donated fruits at a school assembly.

Principal Liz Drury presented Wade and Flood with a plaque and a poster signed by every student at the school. Project volunteer and substitute teacher Paula Smith also received a plaque for her efforts.

Smith said some of the kids were hungry and there was nothing to give them for a healthy snack. She decided to ask the local Hannaford store for a donation of fruit.

She said Wade agreed on the spot.

"It was not even a question," she said.

Once a week, Smith picked up a case of apples and bananas from the store to bring to the school. Head Cook Christine Skillings has also had a hand in picking up the fruit and preparing it for students.

School music teacher Amy Gardner worked with students on a special "thank you" song for the assembly, which they performed, complete with hand claps and dance moves.

"This is awesome. I definitely wasn't expecting a song," Wade said.

Flood said they would like to continue the program in the future.

"If they ask, we will contribute," he said.