Although we haven't had any "scorchers" yet, summer is here. Now is a good time to remind people that leaving a dog in a car is a bad idea. Even with the windows cracked, the inside temperature of a vehicle quickly rises and can cause injury and even death. You may think "It's only for a minute," but that minute is usually quite a bit more.

A dog cools itself by panting: If the air is hotter than the body temperature of the dog, it cannot cool itself. Also, please be aware of asphalt temperatures when walking your dog on roads and sidewalks. The hot asphalt can easily burn unprotected paws.

I have just learned of the passing of the Rev. George Darling on Monday, June 17. He was the former pastor at Unity Union Church. Sympathy to Jan, Crystal, Cathy and the rest of his family, his friends, and his church family.

The next selectmen's meeting will be held on July 9 instead of July 2. Regular time, 6:30 p.m.

Just a couple more weeks before the Market of Unity. There's even more interest this year. Still no vendor fee. FMI: Larry King, 948-6521.

The town of Unity has the old boat launch up for sale by sealed bid. They can be viewed at 314 Albion Road and bids can be dropped off at the Town Office or mailed to Town of Unity, PO Box 416, Unity, ME 04988. Bids will be opened July 9 at the selectmen's meeting. Being sold "as is, where is" with no implied warranty. The selectmen reserve the right to refuse any and all bids.

I had a complaint about a homeowner mowing his yard and shooting the clippings into the road. This is particularly dangerous for motorcycles and has caused injuries and even deaths. If you do this, please stop.

Found: A pink hand-crocheted bunny wearing a purple sweater was found on Quaker Hill. She has taken up residence at the Town Office and awaits her owner.

Reminder: Swimming lessons the first two weeks of July. FMI: Call or text Kati Ann Curtis, 207-322-2763. If you haven't registered your ATV yet this year, let this be a friendly reminder that they expire at the end of this month. The next bass fishing tournament is being held June 29.

The first one of the season was held on the 15th. It was not a good day for the anglers, as many went home empty handed. My bass expert friends said that due to a late spring the bass were still in spawn and not biting. But, as I reminded the sullen fishermen, "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work."