Hello All,

Well here it is Sunday … and I completely forgot to do a news column until now. The sun today was most welcome, and a rain shower a bit ago, but all in all a lovely day.

We buried my nephew's ashes, Dwayne Drew Jr., aka Dino, this forenoon in Clinton. Afterwards we had a barbecue at his sister's home, Mike and Tanya Braley and son Eric. Thanks to them for hosting it for all of us. Nice to see everyone, but sad because of a death.

We have things for Hope for Homeless, as Dino was a Marine and there are homeless veterans just like he was. I am sure Ann Sweeney of Belfast can find use for all we have to donate.

Cancellation from Freedom Grange

The Strawberry Festival for June 29th had to be cancelled as the strawberries are not ready to pick. Not sure what they will do for another date yet.

Raven's Berry Farm

The berries in Freedom are not ready. It will be the first part of July before they are ready far as I have heard. No sun, and the late start, as the weather did not cooperate. Stay tuned. Love fresh strawberries.


Happy birthday to Bob Richardson who celebrated his birthday on June 19.

School is out

Beware, the kids are out of school for the summer, riding their bikes and playing. There are lunches being served in various places, for those in Regional School Unit 3, 18 and under. The list is online for RSU 3 School Nutrition Program from Mount View.

Lost dog

Andrew Merrifield still has a lost Beagle dog. Last seen in Knox running toward Frye Mountain.


It was nice to see Herb Irish and Rolena Irish today in Clinton, also Mark and David Letourneau.

Boat for sale

My sister Marilyn McKenney has a boat for sale, the one Clarence had, if anyone is interested. A couple of people were going to put pictures on Facebook for her. I saw it and it is in nice shape, a Starcraft and 75 hp motor, I believe.

Coming up

On Sunday, June 30, at 1 p.m. there is an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Eric M. Braley of Boy Scout Troop 233 at Stonecrest Event Center in Waldo. Congratulations to Eric for being an Eagle Scout. It is a great honor. He is the son of Michael and Tanya Braley of town. We are all proud of you for this accomplishment.

Frye Mountain CD

On Friday night some of us met at Heidi Perkins’ home to see some previews of the CD that is in the works. She is working on it, and I hope it gets finished very soon.


I keep seeing a groundhog out my back window. It looks like a real fat critter munching on my flowers and the grass. Am wondering where it is holed up, as I have been seeing it pretty regularly now. If not for the ticks I would go investigating. I keep seeing the one lone hen turkey as well, strolling across the field all by herself. I wonder if she has eggs somewhere or is just making me wonder what she is up to. I still wonder. No dogs to scare her off.

Until next week,

Well that's it folks, short news this week. Am tired and cannot do any more. I hope all is well with you all. Be safe. Enjoy our summer that has finally arrived. Send me or call me with some news.