Some of you may have heard already, but we have received complaints about a voter registration letter being sent to residents. This letter will have a return address for either us at the Town Office or for Washington, D.C. Please do not reply to these letters; they are fraud. We have reported them to the Maine Secretary of State’s Bureau of Elections. I have been trying to put the word out as best as I can to all residents.

The next Community Supper will be Saturday, July 13, from 4 to 6 p.m.

We are expecting to commit to 2019 taxes soon. Bills should go out sometime in August as usual, with a due date of Oct. 31.

The town of Prospect has adopted a schedule of fees policy. The policy includes fees for faxing, copies, notary services, vital records, Freedom of Access requests, and intention to build turn in fees. For more information on this, copies of the fees are located on our Facebook page and website, and are available at the Town Office.

Apparently there is someone out stealing street signs from many of our roads here in Prospect. We have had complaints about the Ward Road, George Road, and Clark Road signs all going missing. Ward Road has been replaced and the other two if they have not already will be.

To many of us who have to travel down North Searsport Road, everyone will rejoice in the fact that DOT finally removed the giant lump from under the pavement going toward Searsport before the Hedgepaths’ church. I do not know how many times I forgot it was there and slammed into it.

The only other news to report was a fire call Monday, June 24, that happened out on Route 174. The fire was down the sides of either side of the road; no houses or people were damaged.

We have been told that Leroy Leach has been ill lately. We wish him and his family well, and hope that he has a speedy recovery.