The Midcoast Babe Ruth League baseball season for players ages 13-15 continues to swing to a close, with defending champion Rockland Ford, after Monday's games, atop the league standings with a 9-1 record.

The standings through July 1 included: Rockland Ford 9-1, Newcastle 8-1, Tidewater Oil 5-4, Damariscotta Lions 4-3, Union Farm Equipment 4-5, Waldoboro 3-7, P.G. Willey 3-7 and Granite Coast Orthodontics 1-9.

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On July 1, Rockland Ford beat Granite Coast Orthodontics 14-3, P.G. Willey beat Tidewater Oil 6-3, Damariscotta Lions beat Waldoboro 14-1 and Newcastle beat Union Farm Equipment 9-0.

On June 27, Rockland Ford defeated Tidewater Oil 7-5, Granite Coast Orthodontics swung to a 16-3 win over P.G. Willey and Waldoboro defeated Union Farm Equipment 11-1.

Waldoboro also picked up an 8-7 win over Union Farm Equipment as the two teams finished up its previously suspended game from May 26 ahead of its previously scheduled June 27 contest.

On June 25, Rockland Ford beat P.G. Willey 4-2, Tidewater Oil beat Granite Coast Orthodontics 12-2 and Newcastle bested Waldoboro 15-4.

On June 24, Rockland Ford posted a 4-2 win over Newcastle, while Union Farm Equipment swung to an 11-6 win over P.G. Willey.

On June 23, Tidewater Oil beat Union Farm Equipment 16-4, Damariscotta Lions swung past Granite Coast Orthodontics 11-8, Newcastle beat P.G. Willey 9-3 and Rockland Ford bested Waldoboro 14-7 in eight innings.

Also, on June 22, Waldoboro earned a 7-4 win over Granite Coast Orthodontics.

On Tuesday, July 2, Tidewater Oil will host Damariscotta Lions at 5:30 p.m., while the regular season will conclude on Wednesday, July 3 at 5:30 p.m. as Newcastle will finish its June 27 suspended game with the Lions.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away scorebooks, to Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

The playoffs will begin on Friday, July 5 and conclude with the championship game on on Monday, July 7. All postseason games will be at Morrill Field in Rockland.

The following is a recap of reported results:

P.G. Willey 6, Tidewater Oil 3

At Belfast July 1, P.G. Willey broke a 3-3 tie with a three-run sixth inning and swung past Tidewater Oil. P.G. Willey also had a three-run third inning, while Tidewater Oil scored one in the second and two in the fourth.

Leading the visitors at the plate were Liam O’Neal (double, single, run), Emmit Dayhoof (run), Cam Brown (single), Matt Kremin (single), Noah Thackeray (run), Lucas Moody (run), Owen Berez (single, run) and Aiden Aselton (run).

For the hosts, Zepherin Leppanen (single), Eamon Goscinski (single), Patrick McConnell (double, run), Matt LeBlanc (double, single, run) and Curtis Littlefield (single) paced the offense.

Leppanen pitched for Tidewater Oil, as he allowed five hits and seven walks, with 11 strikeouts. Kremin pitched for P.G. Willey, as he allowed six hits and four walks, with eight strikeouts.

Granite Coast Orthodontics 16, P.G. Willey 3 (5 inns.)

At Rockport June 27, Granite Coast Orthodontics extracted its first win of the season — by mercy rule — over P.G. Willey. GCO scored seven in the second and nine in the third, while P.G. Willey scored two in the first and one in the third.

Leading the winners at the plate were Elias Libby (double, single, 2 runs), Adrian Pierce (2 runs), Eben Fagonde (3 singles, 3 runs), Hunter Norton (2 doubles, 2 singles, 2 runs), Mason Chadwick (2 runs), Ben Tohanczyn (single, 2 runs), Owen Hotchkin (2 runs) and Joe Coffey (single, run).

For P.G. Willey, Cam Brown (single, run), Emmit Dayhoof (double, 2 runs) and Owen Berez (single) paced the offense.

Noah Thackeray, Brown and Dayhoof pitched for P.G. Willey, as the group allowed 11 hits and six walks, with four strikeouts. Joe Coffey and Chadwick pitched for GCO, as they allowed three hits and two walks, with two strikeouts.

Tidewater Oil 12, Granite Coast Orthodontics 2 (6 inns.)

At Belfast June 25, the hosts went on the offensive and slugged past GCO. Tidewater Oil scored three in the first, five in the fourth and four in the sixth, while Granite Coast Orthodontics scored runs in the second and fourth.

Leading Tidewater Oil at the plate was Zepherin Leppanen (single, run, stolen base), Declan Knowlton (double, run), Eamon Goscinski (3 singles, 2 runs, stolen base), Patrick McConnell (home run), Nate Ashey (double, run), Liam LcConnell (2 singles), Matt LeBlanc (2 singles, run), Curtis Littlefield (run) and Elias Howard (single, run).

For GCO, Elias Libby (single, run, stolen base), Hunter Norton (2 singles, run, 3 stolen bases) and Eben Fagonde (single) paced the offense.

Goscinski pitched for Tidewater Oil, as he allowed four hits and two walks, with nine strikeouts. Adrian Pierce pitched for GCO, as he allowed 12 hits and six walks, with four strikeouts.

Rockland Ford 4, P.G. Willey 2

At Rockland June 25, the defending league champs doubled up the visitors. Rockland Ford, after being no-hit through the first five innings, came to life with a two-out, four-run sixth inning, while P.G. Willey scored its two runs in the third.

Leading the hosts at the dish were Alex Bartlett (run), Duncan Oakes-Nelsen (run), Connor Calderwood (run), Alec Sirois (single, run) and Jason Leclerc (single).

For P.G. Willey, Liam O’Neal (run), Matt Kremin (double), Cam Brown (single, run), Charlie Pons (single, stolen base), Lucas Moody (single) and Owen Reynolds (single) paced the offense.

Landon Tabbutt pitched for Rockland Ford, as he allowed five hits and four walks, with three strikeouts. O’Neal and Kremin pitched for P.G. Willey, as they allowed two hits and seven walks, with 14 strikeouts.

Rockland Ford 4, Newcastle 2

At Rockland June 24, Rockland knocked Newcastle from the ranks of the unbeaten with a two-run win. Rockland Ford scored one in the first and three in the fourth, while Newcastle scored one in the first and one in the seventh.

Leading the Rockland Ford offense was Austin Chilles (run), Alex Bartlett (RBI), Duncan Oakes-Nelsen (run, stolen base), Connor Calderwood (single, run, stolen base), Taygan McAllister (run, stolen base), Max Bonzagni (single), Jason Leclerc (double) and Landon Tabbutt (single, 2 RBIs).

For Newcastle, Levi Farrin (single, run, 2 stolen bases), Ben Sawyer (single, run) and Spencer Gamage (single) paced the offense.

Chilles pitched for Rockland Ford, as he allowed three hits and three walks, with 11 strikeouts. Newcastle pitchers allowed four hits and five walks, with five strikeouts.

Damariscotta Lions 11, Granite Coast Orthodontics 8

At Rockport June 23, the visitors slugged their way to a three-run win. The Lions scored one in the third, two in the second, two in the third, one in the fourth, two in the fifth and three in the seventh, while Granite Coast Orthodontics scored two in the first, two in the second and four in the fifth.

Leading the hosts at the plate were Ben Tohanczyn (single, 2 runs), Adrian Pierce (run), Hunter Norton (run), Mason Chadwick (single), Elias Libby (single), Sawyer Olsen (single, run), Owen Hotchkin (run) and Ezra Landry (2 singles, 2 runs).

For the Lions, Micah Tomasello (single, 2 runs), Nate True (single, 2 runs), Nick Prior (run), Cedar Cannon (double, 2 runs), Matt Hanna (2 runs), Gavin Pinkham (3 singles, run) and Kaden Bartrug (run) paced the offense.

Chadwick, Libby, Eben Fagonde, Franklin Coffey and Joey Coffey pitched for the hosts, as he allowed five hits and 13 walks, with five strikeouts. Damariscotta pitchers combined to allow six hits and six walks, with eight strikeouts.

Rockland Ford 14, Waldoboro 7 (8 inns.)

At Waldoboro June 23, Rockland Ford unloaded with a seven-run eighth inning and surged past Waldoboro. Rockland Ford also scored five in the third and one in the sixth and seventh, while Waldoboro scored one in the second and fifth, three in the sixth and two in the seventh.

Leading Rockland Ford at the plate was Austin Chilles (2 singles, 2 runs, 2 RBIs, 4 stolen bases), Alex Bartlett (single, run), Duncan Oakes-Nelsen (2 singles, 2 runs, stolen base), Connor Calderwood (2 singles, 2 runs), Alec Sirois (2 singles, run, 3 stolen bases), Taygan McAllister (single, 2 stolen bases), Gavin Ripley (run), Chase Allenwood (run), Jason Leclerc (single, run) and Rhys Jones (2 runs, stolen base).

For Waldoboro, I. Staples (single, 2 stolen bases), G. Hutchins (single, 2 runs), E. Reed (single, 3 runs), A. Reed (single, run, 2 stolen bases), T. Metcalf (single) and R Ware (2 singles, run) paced the offense.

Holbrook and E. Reed pitched for Waldoboro, as they allowed 11 hits and 11 walks, with eight strikeouts. Oakes-Nelsen pitched for Rockland Ford, as he allowed seven hits and five walks, with nine strikeouts.

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