Two people were injured today when their motorcycle went off the road on a curve on Route 137 approaching Sanborn Pond about 4 p.m.

The man, 43, and woman, 48, were taken to Waldo County General Hospital by Belfast and Brooks ambulances with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Waldo County Sheriff's Lt. Matt Curtis. Neither was wearing a helmet, he said.

According to John Ward of Belmont, who was swimming with his wife at Sanborn Pond and witnessed the crash, the gray Suzuki was westbound on Route 137 as the road begins to curve to the right. Ward identified the driver and passenger as Joe Sanborn and Melissa Tripp, whom he knows.

"He leaned into the corner, and brought it up to correct, and (the motorcycle) just went straight, off the road on the left," Ward said.

Curtis said the driver thought his motorcycle had a mechanical issue. "He was not able to negotiate the right turn after the sweeping curve," the lieutenant said. The motorcycle traveled across the road and down a slight embankment.

Ward said his wife Holly, who has a medical background, "tried to assist" the injured woman, who he said was thrown and landed "face-down on the driveway."