Hello All,

It is nice these last few days, although I dislike the humid weather ― cannot win. If the bugs don't carry you away, not bad out. Maybe I like fall better after all, trying to decide that fact. Been seeing a porcupine here, and a deer crossed the road nearby. I never planted anything this year. I will visit the farmers’ markets instead. The Market in Unity opens very soon on Saturday. Strawberries are finally getting ripe to pick at Raven's Berry Farm, and there is a post on Facebook with the info. I want some. Need strawberry shortcake.

Knox Bicentennial coming up soon

This is all the info I have now. On Saturday, July 20, parade at 10 a.m. starts at Gold Top Ingraham Farm. If you wish to participate, contact Vicki at, Judy at, Myrna at The horse show starts at 9 a.m. There will be games for kids and a chicken barbecue. There will be a postal stamp available at the Town Office, not sure if you need to bring an envelope or whatever you want it on, not sure of cost. There are T-shirts available at the Town Office already. Books of the event for sale, History of the Town, and wooden nickels. I have no details. Info at Town Office, I guess.


Happy birthday to Marilyn McKenney, and Cody Doughty, both on July 8. May you both have a great day. Where's the cake and ice cream?

Coming Up

Ridin’ for Riley

Second annual ride on Saturday, July 13, 9 a.m. at Northport Campground. Other events going on.

Holy Mackerel Tournament returns

July 27 and 28, dawn till 6 p.m. daily. Over $1,000 in cash and prizes. Entry fee $10 for adults, kids under 14, $5, or family, $25, two adults max. It is being resurrected finally. Contact John Gibbs for info. He is also looking for old photos from the Mackerel Days if you have any. Get that fishing pole out and go fishing. We use to fish off the old bridge for them years ago. Some guy fell in, couldn't swim, and my friend saved him.

Free Youth Football Clinic

Starting on Monday, July 22, July 24, July 29, 30, and 31, 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Larrabee Field on Abbott Road. Sign up the last night of camp, K-7th grade. Boys and girls clinic. Clinic is non-contact, skills and drills experience. This way you will know if you want to play. Sneakers or cleats, comfy clothes, and a water bottle. Attend some nights or all, come when you can as well. If you have to come later, at 6 or so is fine. This is my opinion, but I imagine bug spray will be needed. Mosquitoes are bad.

Farwell Event

Farwell's is inviting people to come set up their own flea market table in the parking lot at the Thorndike Mill or Garden Variety. It is only $5 for five hours, and you choose your hours on Thursdays, starting July 11. You may sell whatever you wish. It will be advertised on the Thorndike Mill and Meeting Place Facebook page. That is a bargain.


Our condolences to the families of Ken Gould and Arthur Butler who recently passed away.

Our sympathy also to the family of Harold Hubbard.

Found dog

Andrew Merrifield has recently found his beagle dog. The dog was in Swanville from here.

Need someone to paint?

Call this number if you need painting done, 322-1685. Highly recommended.

Poetry reading

“Finding Our Way Home,” Carolyn Locke and Kathleen M. Quinlan will be at 93 Main in Unity for poetry reading from their books on Wednesday, July 31, 7-8:30 p.m. Mrs. Locke was a former teacher, and Kathleen a former student at Mount View High School.

Belfast Summer Nights Street Party

On Monday, Aug. 5, 5 to 10 p.m., I believe I saw Nickerson of Country Mist Band was playing. That will be good country music.

Plane crash

On the news I heard that a small plane had crashed at Hidden Valley Camp woods. Two of the staff there and the pilot. Luckily they all survived. Right here in Montville.

On TV the Fourth

I watched Channel 12 PBS, national Fourth of July event and fireworks. It was pretty nice, and then Macy's fireworks after. I stayed home, too much traffic for me.

The Ole Days

Mitch Littlefield put on the Facebook site, You know you love Belfast…that he wants to hear from people that worked the chicken plants, raised chickens, and anyone who had something to do with chickens from the ’40s to closing Feb. 24, 1988. He wants to write a book of stories about those days, now he has more time to do so. The chicken industry from its inception in the 1940's to 1988. Find him on Facebook, or email Sounds very interesting as my dad raised broilers for many years. We ate chicken, and I still love it.

Next town over

In Freedom on Saturday, Aug. 17, Disneyland in Freedom with a parade and field day, 10 a.m. Info at Town Office.

Class reunion FA-UF

Invitations have been sent out for the reunion on Sunday, Aug. 18, 10 a.m. at MVHS. If you  didn't receive an invite, please, if you want to go let us know and we will get an invite to you for the registration, as we need to know who is coming for our dinner menu, etc.

Honored this year will be Stephen Fowler and Lona Ward Bourassa. We have a quilt raffle and other prizes to help with our Scholarship Fund. Come and visit with us. We have a guest speaker also, Jamie Dodge Robie, who will be bringing her book. Get your registrations sent back soon. If you wish to donate to the scholarship fund in memory of someone, we would appreciate it. Thanks!

Sara's party

We attended the graduation party for Sara Doughty, Winslow class of 2019. Even in the rain it was fun, and the garage was set up and we all had a great time with lots of food, cake and all. Others have been having parties, too. Sara thanks all for coming and for her cards and gifts.

Until next week,

I hope everyone is happy with the warmer weather. Be safe out there. Get some fresh veggies, and strawberries.