The following is recent news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Sunday, July 7 in Ryder Cup play, for men, Larry Quinn and Bruce Spaulding, as well as Rick Cronin and Jeff Shula, tied for first at 64; Alex Carroll and Jake Thompson, third at 65; Butch Littlefield and Brendan Gardner, as well as Mike Knox and Cecil Eastman, and Lee Robinson and Dick Clements, tied fourth at 66; and Bob Delio and Greg McDaniel, seventh at 68.

The Class A pin winners were: Steve Stanford, 13-9 on the third hole; Tim Riley, 45-0 on the ninth; Alex Carroll, 5-0 on the 12th; and Mike Knox, 14-4 on the 18th.

The Class B pin winners were: Brian Beaulieu, 10-6 on the third; Paul Doody, 37-6 on the 12th; and Peter Doran, 18-0 on the 18th.

For women, Jenna Caler and Pat Wood finished first at 68; Sue Gordon and Sharon Besso, second at 69; and Lisa Desmarteau and Barb Peaslee, third at 70.

The pin winners were: Lisa Chase, 35-5 on the third; and Jenna Caler 24-6 on the ninth.

On Thursday, July 4, in a flag tournament, the order of finish was: 1, Tony Field; 2, Jake Thompson; 3, Cecil Eastman; 4, Larry Quinn; 5, Alex Carroll and Dick Clements; and 7, Dan Eaton.

The pin winners were: George Cushman 0-1 and Mike Knox 15-0 on the third; Steve Stanford 25-7 and John Herzberg 28-0 on the ninth; John Sapoch 5-4 and Tony Field 6-6 on the 12th; and 18 John Sapoch 8-3 and Tony Field 18-9 on the 18th.

On Wednesday, July 3, in scotch foursome play, Jim Desmarteau and Lisa Desmarteau finished first gross 35; Tony Gilmore and  Myndee Gilmore, first net 23; Mike Webber and Pat Webber, second net 24.5; Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, third net 27; and Jeff Dutch and Elaine Bielenberg, as well as Bill Pickford and Annie Pickford, tied fourth net 28.

On Tuesday, July 2, in twilight league play, for Class A, Alex Carroll finished first gross 39; Jeff Dutch and Preston Ward, tied second gross 41; Terry Whitney, first net 34; Bruce Spaulding, second net 35; and Chris Tibbetts, third net 37.

In Class B, Chad Otis finished first gross 43; Tony Field and Mike Marriner, tied second gross 46; Brian Beaulieu, first net 33; Jim Boulier, second net 34; and Cecil Eastman and Dan Eaton, tied third net 35.

The Class A pin winners were: Mike Knox, 13-6 on the 12th; and Alan Blood, 7-0 on the 18th.

The Class B pin winner was: Mike Marriner, 6-3 on the 18th.

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