Dirigo Grange, Freedom, has canceled its annual Strawberry Festival.

Condolences are being sent out to the family and friends of Ken Gould. He will be missed.

Farwell’s is inviting people to come set up their flea market tables in the parking lot on Thursdays, starting on July 11. They are hoping that others will set up tables in their own yards and local businesses will put out weekly bargains. They picked Thursdays because it is usually pretty open for events.

If people want to set up at the Farwell's or Garden Variety parking lots, it is $5 for five hours. Choose your time and any special things you might have, and they will advertise it for you on their Facebook page, Thorndike Mill and Meeting Place. If you think you can set up on a Thursday, let them know and they will definitely highlight it on their page. I hope this will get people motivated to clean out their closets and sheds.

Happy birthday, Seth.  I hope you had a grand game of golf to celebrate.

Dustin and I hosted a Fourth of July cookout for friends and family. It was a bit warm, so most everyone ate inside while enjoying the cooling breeze of the heat pump.

The garden is growing like crazy.  It will have to grow fast this year, to make up for all the crappy weather.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, "It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 20 gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."