The District 2 Little League 9- and 10-year-old double-elimination baseball tournament swung in over the weekend and into the beginning of the week with four games in the books after play Saturday through Monday, July 6-8.

Four of the five teams — Oceanside, Medomak Valley, Five Town and Waldo County — remain in the hunt, while Lincoln County was ousted in a Monday game.

On Saturday, Oceanside posted a win over Lincoln County, while Five Town defeated Waldo County and Oceanside bested Medomak Valley in games on Sunday.

On Monday, Waldo County eliminated Lincoln County with an 18-6 win.

All district games are played at the Clyde Sukeforth Field.

Watch video and see more photos below.

The District 2 champions will advance to the state tournament in Westbrook.

The following is a list of area players in the District 2 tournament:

Oceanside — Carter Elliott, Grady Geretz, Donovan Guptill, Hunter Hamilton, Alonzo Goose, Dylan Poland, Roro Roberts, Owen Simmons, Braeden Toothaker, Nicholas Tripp, Nathan Walton and Easton Willis. The team is coached by Jason Geretz, Jason Simmons, Brian Toothaker and Ben Tripp.

Five Town — Phineas Baroody, Alec Brown, Carter Campbell, Theo Chandler, Garrett Hall, Connor Harris, Landon Hotchkin, Jack Lytton, Zachary McCormick, Landon Reynolds, Baxter Thackeray and Tucker Whitley. The team is coached by Jim Denman, Stacy Whitley and Bart Hotchkin.

Waldo County — Adam Taylor, Sam Jewett, Michael Alley, Landon Quimby, Shea Lynch, Carter Fournier, Connor Faulkingham, Owen Tomalty, Brayden Dakin, Kaden Bradeen, Caleb Pease-Linsenby and Will Gibbs. The team is coached by Kyle Gibbs.

Medomak Valley — Devin Benedix, Thomas Brown, Tucker Brown, Owen Dottie, Cole Esancy, Liam Feeley, Wyatt Hood, Sidney Hutchins, Landon Morrison, Konner Schofield, Jacoby Severson, Colby Simmons and Nolan Wellman. The team is coached by Keith Simmons, Evan Morrison and Nat Winchenbach.

The following is a recap of the first four games of the tournament:

Waldo County 18, Lincoln County 6

At Waldoboro July 8, Waldo County scored runs in droves and bounced Lincoln County from the tournament. Waldo County scored six runs in the first inning, three in the second, four in the third and five in the sixth, while Lincoln County scored one in the second, three in the fourth and two in the fifth.

Leading Waldo County at the dish were Bradeen (double, single, 4 runs, stolen base), Gibbs (single, double, 3 runs, stolen base), Jewett (triple, single, 2 runs, 2 stolen bases), Pease-Linsenby (run, stolen base), Taylor (single, 2 runs), Dakin (double, 2 runs), Alley (run), Fournier (single, run, stolen base), Lynch (run) and Tomalty (run).

For Lincoln County, Elijah Libby (double, run), Forest Storer (2 singles, run), Malichi Farrin (double, run), Brody Day (double, single, 2 runs) and Ryan Powell (run) paced the offense.

Quimby and Bradeen pitched for Waldo County, as they allowed six hits and one walk, with 10 strikeouts. Elijah Libby and Reed Prentice pitched for Lincoln County, as they allowed nine hits and 11 walks, with 14 strikeouts.

Oceanside 12, Medomak Valley 7 (7 inns.)

At Waldoboro July 7, Oceanside plated a whopping eight runs in the seventh inning and surged past Medomak Valley. Oceanside also scored two in the first inning and one in the second and third innings, while Medomak Valley plated two in the fourth, two in the fifth and three in the seventh.

Leading Oceanside at the plate were Hoose (single, 2 runs), Toothaker (run), Walton (single, run), Hamilton (double, 3 runs), Geretz (single, 2 runs), Simmons (run), Tripp (single, run), Willis (single, run) and Guptill (2 singles, run).

For Medomak Valley, Schofield (single, run), Simmons (run), Brown (2 singles, run), Hood (single, run, stolen base), Morrison (single), Dostie (double, run) and Benedix (run) paced the offense.

Hood, Esancy and Hutchins pitched for Medomak Valley, as they allowed eight hits and six walks, with nine strikeouts. Hamilton, Hoose, Toothaker and Geretz pitched for Oceanside, as they allowed six hits and five walks, with 14 strikeouts.

Five Town 9, Waldo County 6

At Waldoboro July 7, Five Town swung past Waldo County and emerged with a three-run win. Five Town scored three runs in the first inning, four in the third and two in the fifth, while Waldo County tallied one in the first, two in the fifth and three in the sixth.

Leading Five Town at the plate were Hall (run), Hotchkin (single, 2 runs), Whitley (triple, single, run), Brown (2 singles, run), Lytton (run), Campbell (run), Reynolds (run) and Harris (double, run).

For Waldo County, Bradeen (single), Jewett (run), Pease-Linsenby (run), Lynch (run), Fournier (2 singles, 2 runs) and Tomalty (run) paced the offense.

Jewett, Dakin and Quimby pitched for Waldo County, as they allowed six hits and four walks, with five strikeouts. Whitley, Hall, Brown and Harris pitched for Five Town, as they allowed three hits and eight walks, with 14 strikeouts.

Oceanside 16, Lincoln County 13

At Waldoboro July 6, Oceanside sent Lincoln County to the loser’s bracket with a three-run win. Oceanside scored four runs in the first inning, three in the second and nine in the fourth, while Lincoln County scored one in the third, seven in the fourth and five in the sixth.

Leading Oceanside at the plate were Hoose (double, single, 3 runs, 2 stolen bases), Walton (triple, double, 4 runs, stolen base), Toothaker (double, single, run), Hamilton (2 triples, single, 3 runs, 2 stolen bases), Simmons (single, run), Poland (run, stolen base), Tripp (triple), Roberts (run, 2 stolen bases), Guptill (single, run) and Elliot (run, stolen base).

For Lincoln County, Forest Storer (double, 2 runs), Reed Prentice (run), Drew Nicholls (double, single, run), Malachi Farrin (single, 2 runs, stolen base), Atticus Donaghy (run), Elijah Libby (single, run), Brody Day (double, run), Parker Brewer (2 singles, 2 runs, stolen base), Colin Mitchell (double) and Ryan Powell (2 runs) paced the offense.

Lincoln County pitchers allowed 12 hits and seven walks, with 10 strikeouts. Oceanside pitchers allowed nine hits and four walks, with nine strikeouts.

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