Board members and volunteers at Belfast Soup Kitchen were honored with an award from the Spirit of America Foundation at the City Council meeting July 2.

The Augusta-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit gives annual awards to honor a person, organization or project in Maine municipalities for commendable community service, according to its website.

This year, Belfast councilors nominated the Belfast Soup Kitchen’s board members and volunteers to receive the award.

Mayor Samantha Paradis presented the award to soup kitchen President Mary Brand, who spoke at the City Council meeting about the volunteers' dedication to people they serve.

“These faithful volunteers include many people from the community who have been inspired to help the most vulnerable in our area who are experiencing food insecurity,” Brand said. “So who are our volunteers? They are everyday citizens who are trying to make a positive difference in this community.

“We see what’s happening nationwide and worldwide and many of us realize that real compassion and understanding of the human condition has to begin with each one of us, right where we live.

"May our caring community of Belfast continue to reflect that we are the true spirit of America," Brand said.

This soup kitchen, which serves more than 70 people per day, according to its website, previously received the award in 2012.