Regular weekly member play — including a hole-in-one — and a highly-successful annual fundraising event highlighted recent play at the Northport Golf Club.

On Saturday, July 13, in the fourth annual "Get Your Pink On" tournament, 60 golfers combined for two-person scramble teams over the nine holes to raise money for the Waldo County General Hospital Mammography Assistance Fund.

John Olsen and Thomas Heath finished first at 33.

Paul Doody and Preston Ward finished second at 34.

The pin winners were: Ed LaJoie, 12-5 on the third hole; and Jenna Caler, 9-8 on the ninth.

Paula Herron, one of the organizers of the tourney, said the event raised about $16,000, with additional monies expected.

She said money raised will help those who cannot afford the first step in early breast cancer detection.

"This was a joint effort by the ladies of Northport Golf Club," Herron said. "[and] the support of the businesses in the community and members all coming together to raise this money through tee sponsors, raffles, golf and wonderful silent auction baskets."

Herron thanked Lisa Desmarteau, Lou and Sharon DeHayes, Pat Wood, Martha Dixon and Petra Harlova for their work on the tourney.

"I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful event," Herron said, adding the tourney has grown steadily over the years.

Additionally, hospital staff volunteered at the event, including Ann Hooper. The women’s imaging center is named after Hooper.

The following is additional recent news from the club:

On Sunday, July 14, in points quota play, Terry Whitney, Brendan Gardner, Dick Clements and Jenna Caler finished first at 133; while Jeff Dutch, Lee Robinson, Dave Wentworth and Frank Field, along with Charlie Pray, Jim Kunkel, Steve Stanford and Cliff Randall, as well as Preston Ward, Butch Norman, Jerry Mehuren and Phil Bowen, and Bob Delio, Harvey Peterson and Greg McDaniel, tied for second at 124.

In Class A, Jeff Dutch and Randy Berry finished tied for first gross 79; Charlie Pray, Terry Whitney, Preston Ward and John Sapoch, tied third gross 82; Lisa Desmarteau, first net 67; Steve Stanford and Brendan Gardner, tied second net 69; and Larry Quinn, fourth net 70.

The pin winners were: Brendan Gardner, 2-10 on the third hole; Cliff Randall, 12-1 on the ninth; Rick Cronin, 13-8 on the 12th; and Steve Stanford, hole-in-one on the 18th.

In Class B, Greg McDaniel finished first gross 84; Jerry Mehuren, second gross 87; Frank Field, third gross 89; John Lloyd-Still, fourth gross 90; Jenna Caler, first net 65; Phil Bowen, second net 69; and Butch Littlefield and Peter Doran, tied third net 70.

The pin winners were: Harvey Peterson, 12-1 on the third; Lee Robinson, 9-7 on the 12th; and Tim Riley, 25-0 on the 18th.

On Friday, July 12, in women's play, Phyllis Gaul, Sue Gordon and Pam Williams finished at 50, while Sharon Dehayes and Pat Wood were at 52. Peg Wolley had the fewest putts.

On Wednesday, July 10, in scotch foursome play, Brendan Gardner and Jenna Caler finished first gross 29; Greg Dutch and Lois Dutch, first net 18; Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, second net 19; Mike Webber and Pat Webber, third net 19.5; Scott Benzie and Shirley Caler, fourth net 20.5; Bill Farris and Megan Farris, along with Chad Otis and Niki Phillips, tied fifth net 21; and Barry McCluskey and Terri Kangas, along with Lee Woodward and Phyllis Gaul, as well as Tony Gilmore and Myndee Gilmore, tied seventh net 22.

On Tuesday, July 9, in twilight league play, for Class A, Bruce Spaulding finished first gross 37; Mike Knox, second gross 39; Kevin Nickerson, third gross 40; David Riley, first net 32; and Harvey Peterson and Chris Tibbetts, tied second net 33.

The Class A pin winners were: Mike Knox, 22-6 on the third; and Chris Tibbetts 18-0 on the ninth.

For Class B, Duke Marston finished first gross 42; Jerry Mehuren, second gross 43; Frank Field, third gross 44; Jim Boulier, Cecil Eastman, Scott Hawthorne and Slim Peaslee, tied first net 33.

The Class B pin winner was: Slim Peaslee 12-6 on the third and 14-7 on the ninth.

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