The happy young ballplayers took a victory lap around the bases on Saturday night, July 13 and, for good measure, ran out to the pitcher's mound and — what else — made a human pig pile.

Because, of course, that is what proud, excited Little League 9- and 10-year-old baseball players do after winning a tournament championship.

In a well-pitched and played game under perfect summer weather conditions, Oceanside finished the District 2 tournament 4-0 and champions with a hard-fought 6-5 victory over Five Town at Clyde Sukeforth Field in Waldoboro.

The game was tied 1-1 and 2-2 early, as well as 5-5 late, before Oceanside pushed across the deciding run later in the contest.

Oceanside finished the double-elimination district tourney unbeaten, as it took the long road to the title. Five Town ended 2-2.

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With the victory, Oceanside moves on to the state tournament, which begins on Saturday, July 20 in Westbrook.

A pair of exciting, high-scoring, one-run games — including one that began at one field in one town and ended at and in another — highlighted play in the tournament on Tuesday, July 9, as two teams remained in the hunt for the coveted title.

In games played on Tuesday, Oceanside earned a 16-15 win over Five Town, while in an elimination game, Medomak Valley (1-2) moved on with a 14-13 win over Waldo County (1-2).

Lincoln County finished 0-2 in the tourney.

The game on Tuesday between Oceanside and Five Town began in Waldoboro, was suspended due to darkness in the fifth inning and moved under the lights at the Little League field in Thomaston, where play resumed.

Play in the tourney continued on Thursday, July 11 with an elimination game between Five Town and Medomak Valley, as Five Town pulled out a 15-4 win over Medomak Valley.

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Earlier in the district tourney, Oceanside posted a 16-13 win over Lincoln County on Saturday, July 6, while Five Town defeated Waldo County 9-6 and Oceanside bested Medomak Valley 12-7 in seven innings in games on Sunday, July 7. On Monday, July 8, Waldo County eliminated Lincoln County with an 18-6 victory.

The following is a list of area players in the District 2 tournament:

Oceanside — Carter Elliott, Grady Geretz, Donovan Guptill, Hunter Hamilton, Alonzo Hoose, Dylan Poland, Roro Roberts, Owen Simmons, Braeden Toothaker, Nicholas Tripp, Nathan Walton and Easton Willis. The team is coached by Jason Geretz, Jason Simmons, Brian Toothaker and Ben Tripp.

Five Town — Phineas Baroody, Alec Brown, Carter Campbell, Theo Chandler, Garrett Hall, Connor Harris, Landon Hotchkin, Jack Lytton, Zachary McCormick, Landon Reynolds, Baxter Thackeray and Tucker Whitley. The team is coached by Jim Denman, Stacy Whitley and Bart Hotchkin.

Waldo County — Adam Taylor, Sam Jewett, Michael Alley, Landon Quimby, Shea Lynch, Carter Fournier, Connor Faulkingham, Owen Tomalty, Brayden Dakin, Kaden Bradeen, Caleb Pease-Linsenby and Will Gibbs. The team is coached by Kyle Gibbs.

Medomak Valley — Devin Benedix, Thomas Brown, Tucker Brown, Owen Dottie, Cole Esancy, Liam Feeley, Wyatt Hood, Sidney Hutchins, Landon Morrison, Konner Schofield, Jacoby Severson, Colby Simmons and Nolan Wellman. The team is coached by Keith Simmons, Evan Morrison and Nat Winchenbach.

The following is a recap of recent tournament action:

Championship: Oceanside 6, Five Town 5

At Waldoboro July 13, Oceanside broke a 5-5 tie in the fifth inning and held off a late Five Town surge to clinch the district championship. Oceanside scored single runs in the first, third and fifth in addition to a three-run fourth, while Five Town plated single runs in the first and third and three in the fifth.

Leading Oceanside at the plate were Hoose (run), Toothaker (single, 3 runs), Hamilton (double, 2 stolen bases), Guptill (run) and Elliott (run).

For Five Town, Reynolds (single, 3 runs, 2 stolen bases), Hall (single, run) and Whitley (single, run) paced the offense.

Whitley started on the hill for Five Town and Hamilton for Oceanside as the two were embroiled in a pitchers' duel before both had to leave once their pitch counts were reached. Hall replaced Whitley on the mound for Five Town, while Geretz and Hoose pitched later for Oceanside.

Oceanside pitchers allowed three hits and four walks, with 14 strikeouts. Five Town pitchers allowed two hits and seven walks, with 12 strikeouts.

Five Town 15, Medomak Valley 4 (5 inns.)

At Waldoboro July 11, Five Town swung past Medomak Valley and played their way into the district championship game. Five Town scored four in the third, four in the fourth and seven in the fifth, while Medomak Valley scored single runs in the first, second, third and fourth.

Leading Five Town at the plate was Reynolds (2 runs), Hall (2 runs, stolen base), Campbell (single, 2 runs, stolen base), Whitley (run, stolen base), Brown (single, run), Harris (single, 2 runs, stolen base), Chandler (single, 2 runs) and McCormick (2 singles, 3 runs).

For Medomak Valley, Hood (2 runs, 2 stolen bases), Simmons (single), Wellman (run), Brown (double), Feely (single), Schofield (run, stolen base) and Morrison (single) paced the offense.

Schofield, Esancy and Morrison pitched for Medomak Valley, allowing six hits and eight walks, with four strikeouts. Reynolds, Chandler and Whitley pitched for Five Town, allowing four hits and four walks, with 11 strikeouts.

Medomak Valley 14, Waldo County 13

At Waldoboro July 9, host Medomak Valley held off Waldo County in a slugfest to move on in the tournament. Medomak Valley scored one run in the first inning, seven in the second, two in the third and four in the fourth, while Waldo County scored one in the second, seven in the third, three in the fourth, one in the fifth and one in the sixth.

Leading Medomak Valley at the dish were Hood (single, 3 runs, stolen base), Simmons (single, 2 runs), Wellman (2 singles, 2 runs, 2 stolen bases), Brown (triple, 2 singles, 2 runs, 2 stolen bases), Feely (double, run, 2 stolen bases), Schofield (run), Hutchins (single, run, 2 stolen bases), Morrison (single), Benedix (run) and Dostie (run).

For Waldo County, Bradeen (double, single, run, stolen base), Gibbs (single, run), Jewett (single, 2 runs, stolen base), Quimby (double, stolen base, run), Dakin (2 runs, stolen base), Taylor (2 singles, run, stolen base), Fournier (run), Lynch (run, stolen base), Pease-Linsenby (run, stolen base) and Tomalty (2 runs, 2 stolen bases) paced the offense.

Waldo County pitchers allowed 10 hits and nine walks, with five strikeouts. Medomak Valley pitchers allowed seven hits and nine walks, with 10 strikeouts.

Oceanside 16, Five Town 15

At Waldoboro — and Thomaston — July 9, Oceanside survived a back-and-forth affair that spanned two venues and moved on with a one-run win over Five Town. Oceanside scored five runs in the first inning, one in the second, eight in the fifth and two in the sixth, while Five Town scored six in the first, two in the second, four in the third, one in the fourth and two in the fifth.

The game began later than anticipated after the previous game at Sukeforth Field between Waldo County and Medomak Valley went longer than expected.

Then, in the fifth inning, the game was temporarily suspended due to darkness around 8:30 p.m. and was moved under the lights at the Little League field in Thomaston, where play resumed.

Adding to the conundrum, an 11-12 elimination game between Oceanside and Lincoln County was in the fifth inning when the two 9-10 teams arrived, thus, the two younger squads were forced to wait for the field to become available before they could continue the suspended contest.

Play between the two younger teams resumed around 9:30 p.m. and ended around 10:20 p.m.

Leading Oceanside at the plate were Hoose (single, run), Toothaker (triple, single, 4 runs), Walton (run), Hamilton (3 singles, 2 runs), Geretz (home run, single, 3 runs), Tripp (single, 2 runs), Guptill (single), Poland (single, run) and Elliot (2 runs).

For Five Town, Harris (run), Hall (double, 2 singles, 3 runs), Hodgkins (double, single, 3 runs), Whitley (double, single, 4 runs), Brown (single), Campbell (run), Reynolds (single, run, stolen base), Lytton (single) and Chandler (single, run) paced the offense.

Oceanside pitchers allowed 11 hits and six walks, with six strikeouts. Five Town pitchers allowed 11 hits and eight walks, with nine strikeouts.

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