No municipal news this week ― summer is a down time for such things in Waldo. Come fall, we’ll have some public suppers to announce. But until then, here are some items of interest.

The hot weather brings out the worst in some drivers. Speeding, tailgating and other unwonted behavior predominates, so for safety’s sake, drive defensively. The other driver may be inattentive.

In fact, most people nowadays don’t know how to execute a proper left-hand turn. The way to do it is to wait until the driver’s door is even with the centerline of the road you are turning on to. But instead of this, people cut corners, turning directly on the far left edge of the intersecting road. This came to my attention last week as I was waiting to turn right at a T intersection.

Weeds had grown up, making it difficult to see down the road. A woman making a left turn decided to cut the corner sharply. She never slowed down while heading directly for me as I was stopped. I thought the end had come, but she somehow corrected and missed me by a hair’s breadth. I gave a grateful prayer of thanks afterward. And somehow, I doubt that the woman has learned her lesson. She’ll probably continue driving in the same dangerous manner, which just reinforces the need to keep a sharp eye on the other driver at all times.

Perchin’ prediction

Steve Roberts from Swanville took me white perch fishing at Seven Tree Pond in Union one evening last week. We caught one fish after another and I came home with a cooler full of good-sized white perch. Now my freezer brims with boneless perch fillets.

Mackerel are in the bay, but the best fishing is from Lincolnville south. In time, larger schools should head into the Searsport area, where people can catch them from the wharf in Searsport. The footbridge in Belfast used to see good mackerel fishing, but the newly rebuilt version is so far off the water that the line bellies before the hook even reaches the water. Fishing access was one of the reasons for the new bridge, but that was really lip-service only. If you have a boat, certainly launch it in Belfast but for fishing from shore, Searsport offers a better chance at success.

In the garden

I’ve waited and waited for my cucumbers to come on and when they finally did, they weren’t cukes at all, but rather, some kind of summer squash. I had bought a six-pack of seedlings this spring, but apparently, some prankster had changed the marker. Fortunately, I had also planted some cucumbers from seed and they are looking good.

I hauled the unwanted squash plants and planted green beans in their place.

Tomatoes, beans, peppers, winter squash and lettuce are all going gangbusters, making up for time lost during the past cold, wet spring.

Fishing book

My new book, Getting Your Big Fish – Trolling Maine Waters, is finally on the market. Outdoor Sportsman in Northport carries it and soon, bookstores should have it as well. Also, it is available online. Just go to my website, and click on the book icon.

If you enjoy trolling for trout, salmon and togue, or are just getting into the sport, this book should come as a help.

Weekly quote

“The flower does not dream of bees, it blooms and the bees come.” ― Mark Nipo