July 24, 1868

The street lights recently placed about the city are great helpers to belated pedestrians on dark nights—that is, if the gas happens to be lighted.

July 23, 1891

The demonstration lecture last week before the Belfast Cooking School was an unqualified success. The ladies present were delighted over the results of scientific cookery, and many of the receipts used on that occasion are being tried in numerous Belfast homes with excellent results. The second lecture will be given today Thursday, at 2 o’clock P.M. at the Memorial Building with the following program: Lobster Cutlets, Oat Meal Muffins, Potatoes au gratin, custard souffle with creamy sauce. The public are cordially invited. Admission 25 cents. The third lecture will be given Thursday, July 30 when the following dishes will be prepared and served to the audience: Consomme soup with crautons, Swedish timbals, creamed chicken, sponge cake, pudding glace. Later in the this course a lecture will be given on soups, including a talk upon the use of the Cowdrey soups as a basis for appetizing dishes.

July 18, 1935

Captain Albert W. Stevens, Belfast’s famous aeronaut, again met with disappointment Friday morning when the balloon with which he had hoped to explore the stratosphere suddenly burst, necessitating the postponement, if not the abandonment, of the enterprise.

After prolonged waiting occasioned by bad weather, favorable conditions had been foretold and the mammoth bag, consisting of nearly three acres of rubberized cloth had been partially filled with the non-explosive helium gas, when the top of the bag burst, allowing all the gas to escape. Fortunately, none of the workers, who were attaching the car in which the observers were to ascend, to the balloon were injured.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian of Belfast Free Library.