The Planning Board delayed its final vote on an application that would allow a Tractor Supply Co. store to be built on a 6-acre site off Route 3 until project managers submit a new plan with changes suggested by board members.

The Planning Board discussed last-minute application changes identified as crucial to public interest or for future development in the area.

Trees lining the access road next to the business were discussed at length. Some board members expressed concern that if the road were widened for future development, the trees might have to be removed. But project managers assured board members that the access road would not be widened on the tree side.

Director of Codes and Planning Wayne Marshall suggested trees be planted on the store side of the sidewalk to prevent interference with power lines and falling limbs, instead of between the sidewalk and Route 3.

Board members discussed changes to the storefront design, which was inspired by stores in Thomaston and Windham. Board members preferred darker red paint to reduce glare instead of the company's usual brighter red, referred to as “safety red.”

Marshall said he thinks the planned lighting at the entrance of the parking lot is too dim. He suggested taller lights that are brighter, so people don’t get confused when they are trying to find the parking lot on busy Route 3.

Board members went on to ask about maintenance of the access road next to the store property. Project managers said they are paving the road for truck access up to the side entrance of the store, then will continue with gravel for the rest of the road.

Project managers are in contact with the abutting property owners about an agreement on how road maintenance will be shared.

A small part of the application is still under review, but it is expected to be completed soon.

It was suggested by Marshall that the Planning Board attach language to the application about a possible sidewalk easement along Route 3.

Marshall advised the board not to take official action until its Aug. 14 meeting. Tractor Supply project managers must submit the changes proposed by the Planning Board for review no fewer than seven days before the meeting.