Aug. 5, 1869

Mr. E. B. Weston, of Bangor, a photographer of rare skill, who is for a few days operating with Mr. Kilgore, is delighting our people with the productions of his camera. In the positions of his sitters, the management of light and shade, the arrangement of accessories, and all that goes to make up artistic skill, we do not believe Mr. Weston has a superior in the country. In softness of shading, delicacy of outline and general attractiveness, his pictures are not excelled by those produced any where. We are not surprised that the saloon is besieged by sitters, or that our attractive young ladies are anxious to see their features mirrored by his wonderful skill. Mr. W. will remain but a few days longer. Should any of our people not be able to call while he is here, they will find Mr. Kilgore able to make most excellent photographs.

Aug. 3, 1899

The lower bridge has for years been a subject of discussion and now it looks as though something is to be done. A favorite idea with many has been to riprap the present structure and substitute for the wooden draw one of iron or steel. A steel and iron bridge is also proposed. The present city government is now giving the matter a thorough investigation before deciding upon what shall be done.

Aug. 1, 1946

Belfast has had at least two noted visitors this week — Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Chester Bowles, recent head of OPA.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt paused in Belfast at Perry's Nut House when she passed through this City Monday on her way to Campobello to attend the dedication of a red granite cairn to the memory of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Aug. 1. After making a few purchases, Mrs. Roosevelt, who was simply dressed in black, shook hands with persons who had gathered meanwhile in the shop to see her, and spoke cordially to them.

Fala, cause of his mistress's spending the previous night in a tourist camp instead of Portland's Hotel Eastland when he was refused admission beyond the lobby, remained in the car throughout Mrs. Roosevelt's stop here.

Chester Bowles, who went through Belfast Tuesday morning, apparently on his way to his home in Essex, Conn., also stopped at Perry's Nut House.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.