One of the tell-tale signs that the dog days of summer are transitioning to the cooler days of fall is the annual Union Fair and Wild Blueberry Festival.

And, on the far north corner of the fairgrounds, as the day turns to night, the sounds of engines revving and metal crunching can be heard, which is music to the ears of those in the grandstands — and surrounding the designated pit — for the demolition derby, which crashed in Saturday, Aug. 17 with over 30 drivers looking to test their mettle.

A longtime featured event of the fair, drivers bring their jalopies, clunkers and beaters out to be smashed up in the heat of battle in search of bragging rights, an unmistakable surge of adrenaline and cash prizes.

In the first of two 4-cylinder heats, Joe Young of Warren emerged victorious; while in the second heat, Zack Robbins of Nobleboro finished first overall.

In the 4-cylinder feature, Justin Berube of Albion picked up the victory, while Jonathan Oakes of Appleton finished second.

In what proved to be the lone 6 to 8-cylinder heat, Randy Gioneau of China earned the win. However, Brian Hilt of Union had the lone car that was still operational following the heat. Thus, Hilt was awarded first place for the feature event and Gioneau second.

In the lone truck/minivan heat/feature, Jason Bowman of Rockport survived to take first place honors.

Gary Grant was the emcee of the event, while the band Whiskey Throttle provided the entertainment between heats. Danica Cayouette of Rockport also sang the national anthem prior to the event.

Jacob Merithew of Freedom won the best in show with his green John Deere-themed car, while Darren Sanchez of Washington won the raffle car and earned the right to participate in the 4-cylinder feature.

The Union Fair will feature a second demolition derby Thursday, Aug. 22 at 7 p.m.

The individual drivers and their towns for each division were:

4-cylinders — Desiree McKusic of Friendship, James Smith of South Thomaston, Sully Tibbetts of Appleton, Joseph Tibbetts of Appleton, Jonathan Oakes of Appleton, Joe Young of Warren, Aliah Lovejoy of Washington, Jared Mank of Warren, Alvin Peabody of Waldoboro and Jacob Merithew of Freedom. Young finished first in the heat.

4-cylinders — Ben Porter of Warren, Viktoria Robinson of Warren, Zack Robbins of Nobleboro, Aaron Tripp of Belmont, Sumner Hubbard of Albion, Justin Berube of Albion, Andrew Kelly of Lincolnville, Austin Tripp of Belmont and Jay Dituillo of Monroe. Robbins finished first in the heat.

4-cylinder feature — Jonathan Oakes of Appleton, Aaron Tripp of Belmont, Jared Mank of Warren, Joseph Tibbetts of Appleton, Justin Berube of Albion, Jay Dituillo of Monroe, Jacob Merithew of Freedom and Daren Sanchez of Washington. Berube finished first in the feature and Oaks second.

Trucks/Minivans — Eric Bowen of Frankfort, Mark Tibbets of Appleton, Joe Young of Warren, Forrest Prock of Union, Jonathan Corey of Nobleboro, Ben Clark of Belmont, Jason Bowman of Rockport, Andy Holmes of Whitefield, Austin Tripp of Windsor and Charlie Henderson of Troy. Bowman finished first in the heat and Henderson second.

6/8 cylinder — Randy Gioneau of China, Craig Holmes of Union, Tyler Jones of Jefferson, Matt Eaton of Burketville, Dawson Allen of Lincolnville, Junne Robertson-McIntire of Belfast, Becca Hilt of Camden and Brian Hilt of Union. Gioneau finished first in the heat.

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