Hello All,

Having issues with my email today (Saturday), got some news typed up…and gone off to cyberspace somewhere.

I have been busy getting ready for our FA-UF Alumni Reunion for Sunday. Had some phone calls from those coming, and messages. Always good to see family, and friends.

Next year, 2020, our class of 1960 hopes to meet at Win and Gelia Clark's, again after the past five years, our 60th. Wow, I reckon I am getting old after all. It's just a number, but it is coming anyway. Hope we can have many members from our class attend in Palmyra.

Celebration of life

There will be a celebration of life for Joanne Bouch Powers Wilcox on Saturday, Aug. 24, at 5 p.m. at the Varney Building in Brooks.

Homeless lady veterans

The Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope in Augusta is home to lady veterans, and any that have their children. It is the only such home in Maine. I am hoping friends will get school supplies for the youngsters living there. At this time I am trying to find out how many are there. I will do this through our Ladies Auxiliary. We have donated to this home before. They do not get any federal or state help.

Back again

I have spent sometime again today (Sunday) trying to chase my news through cyberspace, only not to find it.

Get well

I hope you get better, Tammy McCue.

Lunch time

Had the chance to go have lunch one day this week with Katie and Sara Doughty to Belfast. Of course we hit up Dairy Queen, too. Sara is soon off to college.


The Freedom Academy and Unity-Freedom Alumni also, Washington School members all met at Mount View High School Cafe for an afternoon of socializing. Thanks to Chris, who was a big help catering to our ever needing whims. A delicious lunch prepared by the MV Cafe ladies, was topped off with strawberry shortcakes.

Those recognized for their community involvment, Distinguished Service Award ― an engraved clock ― were Stephen Fowler, class of Freedom Academy 1953. Another Uni-Free graduate awarded an engraved clock was Lona Larrabee Ward Bourassa, class of 1963.

The two scholarship recipients were Seth Pellerin and Caleb Roggi.

The Quilt Raffle was won by Janelle Pomroy. A beautiful quilt, handmade by Barbara Seaver Duffy, class of Uni-Free 1964.

Our guest speaker was Jamkie Dodge Robie of York Police Department. She gave a heartfelt speech to all of us, and she had her book, "Black to Blue," for sale. I bought her book and cannot wait to read it. It tells of her struggles growing up. Some weren't pretty at all.

Thanks to each and all who attended. We look forward to seeing our classmates from year to year. We had 23 who are deceased since last year at this time. We thought of those that have passed on. God bless.

Visiting me

David, Sara and Katie stopped in for a while, as they were on their way home from a four-wheeler adventure. So good they get to do things together.

Until next time,

Am too tired to write anymore. Have a good week, all. The corn is so good now, as I had the opportunity to get some to eat. Take care.