Mayor Samantha Paradis has accepted a job in Fort Fairfield, 3-1/2 hours north of Belfast. Her recent move, first reported by Bangor Daily News, comes after her June announcement that she would not seek re-election.

It is unclear how she will deal with her mayoral duties while employed 200 miles away, but there is no language in the city’s code requiring the mayor to be a full-time Belfast resident.

Paradis has asserted that her legal residence will remain in Belfast, according to the Bangor newspaper. Northern Light Primary Care in Fort Fairfield verified with the publication that she is still employed at its facility.

The mayor shared her new employment status with the City Council in private before the news article was released late last week. City Councilor Mike Hurley said he supports Paradis' new position and, even though it’s "a little more than commuting distance," he said he doesn’t think it will interfere with her mayoral duties in the city.

“I think it’s an exciting opportunity for her. She just finished training and school, so I’m happy that she’s got a good job that she wants to do,” Hurley said. “I don’t see it as an issue in terms of her service being mayor. Things change in people’s lives … and I wish her all the best and I’m sure she’ll show up and do what she has to do to be mayor.”

He said some people have criticized Paradis' decision to accept employment in Aroostook County before her term ends, but he understands that she is growing her career and he thinks it is a wonderful opportunity for her future.

“I know some people have made negative comments about the subject but I think, you know, the mayor is a young person who just finished a very rigorous training program,” Hurley said. “She has a good career opportunity and I support her in her choice and in finishing her term.”

In a recent City Council meeting, Paradis expressed gratitude about the opportunity the city has given her to fill the role as mayor. She reiterated her stance about finishing her term.

"I will certainly be here until the end of my term in November and look forward to finishing my term here in Belfast," Paradis said.