The adult/child

The adult/child still speaks like a child with a child’s vocabulary. The adult/child thinks like a child believing that repetition equals persuasion. The adult/child acts like a child by name-calling and seeking revenge against those who will not be persuaded.

As the adult/child grows up, he/she is introduced to the more nuanced thinking of the adult world. However, remaining sheltered within the child’s more protected world (substantial financial resources help) can create an often volatile and unpredictable adult.

If the adult/child attains authority and power through the fusion of these two worlds, the volatility and unpredictability are multiplied. All who find themselves enveloped in the world of this adult/child have reason to be afraid.

Richard E. Brown

Stockton Springs

Nordic Non-sense

An open letter to Carol Dibello , Submerged Lands Program, Belfast Planning Board, Maine DEP and BEP

Dear Carol and friends, It appears that Nordic's attorneys live in an alternative moral and legal universe. In this universe, boundaries of "lots" and "sufficient TRI" are created not by registered transfers of interests to property, deeds which should be careful descriptions written and interpreted on the ground by licensed professional surveyors, i.e., "Boundary Surveys," but rather other types of documents such as the:

1. Unregistered and unregisterable "release deeds" (blacked out names) backed up by the "We have the genealogist and he says, in fact, that they are the heirs” (William Kelly Esq. Belfast Planning Board meeting Aug. 5).

2. Submitting survey-like documents requiring that some attorney would be advised to look into Clark Staples' “Good Deeds” findings that the Eckrotes’ lot description was altered by Lee Woodard from the original grantor’s description.

3. Don't forget the “You can use our wet sand letter.”

4. Now, Aug. 16, Joanna has "Lots created and Monuments" by the last will of Harriet l. Hartley. The same will was declared by the Probate Court Philadelphia County, in 1951, by Pennsylvania after Harriet died, "Ineffective" and an Intestacy was declared. (Inv. Book 143, Page 395, Schedule D)

What is intestacy? The state or condition of dying without having made a valid will. Brown v. Mugway, 15 N.J. Law, 331 (Black's law)

5. Joanna's latest! Mouth of the Brook theory from Webster’s International. Well, what can I say? Please refer to Mr. Richards' PLS analysis of The Shalowitz definitive treatise Vols. one and two, "Shore and Sea Boundaries," 1962 and 1964, for actual legal definitions of Mouth of River or Brook.

6. Adverse possession "claim" Southridge Corp. v. Board of Environmental Protection, I am starting to get bored by this virtual “claim" by Touranguey and chorus!

7. The Colonial Ordinance! Ta Dum! Yeah, just what is a rebuttable presumption? Here you go, Joanna:

Black's Law Dictionary: … A presumption which may be rebutted by evidence. A species of legal presumption which holds good until disproved.

group·think: the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.

It appears that our elected and selected adults in the room, with the ever-evolving layers of Nordic's contradiction, lack courage to take individual responsibility, unlike the innocent young man who is the first to declare "the emperor has no clothes."

Nordic Aquafarms has no rights, sufficient or otherwise, in the real property law universe to the intertidal private property. Nordic has no "sufficient rights" in the administrative rule and common law universe, and Joanna and the rest of Erik's agents are no longer even capable of making up serious, legitimate third, forth and fifth bites and theories of TRI.

In a few days Mabee/Grace will have a registered survey to back up the actual location on the ground as described in the WCRD and it will be legally monumented. This property will be held in a conservation easement. No pipelines and no permits utilizing these premises allowed. Under Maine law fowling, although this is discouraged, fish, navigate and stroll, with the kind permissive use of the easement holders.

Paul Bernacki


Belfast needs living wages, affordable housing

I was, and remain, saddened and disappointed to read in the May 15 Republican Journal that Bayview Apartments will no longer receive HUD subsidies. I am particularly saddened by this news, because I know people who live in Bayview, and I worry what the future holds for them, as this development will surely further exacerbate the already critical shortage of affordable housing in Belfast.

In the Journal article, Bayview owner Bob Hutchinson cited the proposed Nordic Aquafarms industrial fish farm and other business developments, and the workers they will supposedly attract, as reasons for converting his units to market rate. And therein lies the rub.

Belfast doesn't need more jobs. Belfast has plenty of jobs. In fact, local employers often find it difficult to fill positions. What Belfast needs is living wages for its workers — all its workers — and affordable housing. And projects such as Nordic Aquafarms do nothing to address these problems. In fact, there is little if any evidence that Nordic will even produce jobs for Belfast residents. Some months ago Nordic announced that it had hired a total of 30 people, very few if any of whom were living in Waldo County at the time they were hired.

In the wake of this very unfortunate Bayview announcement, we can no doubt expect more talk about affordable housing from a City Council and city administration that so far have proven too busy bending over backwards for Nordic Aquafarms to do anything substantive about Belfast's affordable housing crisis. And the problem with talk is that it provides no protection from rain, snow or wind for our low-income neighbors.

Lawrence Reichard