Far too often, many of us utter words without careful forethought and as a result leave others with hurtful feelings or needless frustrations. However, I encourage each of you to work toward extending kindness to others with whom you have contact.

This is particularly meaningful to my wife and me. After spending 23 happy years living in Rockport, we acceded to the wishes of our children and grandchildren and have moved to Bartlett Woods in Rockland. Like many other folks experiencing this circumstance, we were very torn about leaving the premises that we loved and were very attached to. However, we made the move several weeks ago and we both believe this is the right course for us as we approach our 89th year. Of particular importance to us have been the words spoken and the manner and attitude of the staff and all of the employees we have come in contact with. The extent of thoughtfulness and kindness that we have experienced is above and beyond what could have been anticipated. Many times prior to asking for assistance in regard to any number of needs, we have been asked by one of the staff if they could help us to accomplish the task without it even being mentioned. This is definitely beyond the norm.

I would be remiss if I did not mention one of the staff from the dining room. His name is Russell, and I do not believe that we have encountered another individual so brimming with kindness. He simply exudes it, but others do as well. By extending kindness in this manner, the staff has allowed us to make the transition in a much smoother manner. I have also encountered quite a few other people who have extended a helping hand to an older person with a cane by opening a door or helping with a shopping cart loaded with items at checkout. I ask that you give thoughtful consideration to doing things for others without any thought of gain in return. Make this a part of your persona and experience the happiness that follows.

If this type of atmosphere existed in the realm of our political arena, how much better off our country would be. Hopefully both sides of the aisle will work at cutting out the rancor, and especially the name-calling, and instead work effectively together to solve the many problems facing our nation today. Come now and encourage others to join us.

Remember, kindness has no cost attached.