The demolition derby at the annual Union Fair and Wild Blueberry Festival is so nice, festival-goers had the opportunity to see it twice.

And many did on a warm, humid evening on Thursday, Aug. 22 as dozens of racers again vied for bragging rights, cash prizes and a surge of adrenaline while taking many perfectly good — albeit old — automobiles for their “last ride.”

Watch video and see more photos below.

Longtime announcer Gary Grant again was the emcee of the event, while Danica Cayouette of Rockport also sang the national anthem prior to the start of the derby.

In the first of two 4-cylinder heats, Corey Witham of Warren finished first and Justin Berube of Albion second, while in the second heat, Sully Tibbetts of Appleton emerged victorious.

In the 4-cylinder feature, Berube finished first overall and Tibbetts second.

In the first of two 6-cylinder heats, Ken Doak of Washington picked up the victory, while in the second heat, Brian Robbins of Montville finished first and Charlie Henderson of Troy second.

In the 6-cylinder feature, Brian Robbins of Montville finished first and Bekah Hilt of Camden second.

In the full-size van/truck division, which consisted of two entrants, Benjamin Smith of Appleton bested John Corey of Nobleboro.

Jonathan Oakes of Appleton won the best in show with his cancer awareness-themed car, while Kylee Achorn (no town listed) won the raffle car and earned the right to participate in the 4-cylinder feature.

Special thanks from fair officials went to volunteers Allison Leavitt, Jacolby Leavitt, Renee Flanders, Jason Flanders, Morgan Flanders, Kevin Sabins, Eric Reed, Adam Richardson, Brian Hilt, Joey Warren, Ryan Soule, Dan Jones Jr. and Nathan Hatfield, in addition to members of the Union Fire Department.

The individual drivers and their towns for each division were:

4-cylinders — Corey Witham of Warren, Ben Porter of Warren, Amber Flanders of Waldoboro, Josh Bodman of Rockland, Dawson Allen of Lincolnville, Timothy Steele of Owls Head, Summer Hubbard of Albion, Justin Berube of Albion and William Turner of Freedom.

4-cylinders — Aliah Lovejoy of Washington, Sully Tibbetts of Appleton, Jonathan Oakes of Appleton, Andrew Kelly of Lincolnville, Mike Blackwell of Rockport, Nicholas Carpenter of Thomaston and Wes Turner of Freedom.

4-cylinder feature — Sully Tibbetts of Appleton, Corey Witham of Warren, Josh Bodman of Rockland, Summer Hubbard of Albion, Justin Berube of Albion, Tim Steele of Owls Head and Kylee Achorn (no town listed).

Trucks/Minivans — John Corey of Nobleboro and Benjamin Smith of Appleton.

6/8 cylinder — Mike Lindsey of Union, Bekah Hilt of Camden, Jared Drown of Waldoboro, Jared Mank of Warren, Rick Ferrar of Rockland, Ken Doak of Washington and Corey Spear of Cushing.

6/8 cylinder — Randy Gioneau of China, Chad Nelson of Waterville, Matt Jackson of Washington, Tyler Jones of Jefferson, Charlie Henderson of Troy, Jane Henderson of Troy and Brian Robbins of Montville.

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