With machine names such as "Gray Ghost," "Oh-Low," "Quick Silver," "The Crow," "Mad-Jan," Stars and Stripes," and "General Lee," to name a few, for the second straight year, the Thunder Valley Lawn Mower Drag Races made their mark on the Union Fair and Maine Blueberry Festival as two dozen drivers mounted their machines on Saturday, Aug. 24 to see who was the fastest wire-to-wire — and a cut above the rest.

Drivers provided their own riding lawnmowers — which could be modified to class specifications — and participated in races down a 150-foot straight track in a double-elimination format.

Watch video and see more photos below.

Drivers were required to wear a helmet, be at least age 16 with a valid driver’s license, and, if less than age 18, have a signed waiver from a legal parent or guardian.

Donnie Heald of Lincolnville was the emcee, or public address announcer, for the event as he and the dozens of riders were the center of attention for many on the final day of the week-long country fair.

Winners for each division included Cliff Pendleton of Lincolnville in the A Class, Sandra Crabtree of Lincolnville in B Class, Dan Littlefield of Belfast in the C Class small modified, Brian Dyer of Lincolnville in the C Class large modified and David Dyer of Searsmont first in the D Class.

Participants included Lee Graf of Searsmont, Daniel Bourkas of Rockport, Vicki Boetsch of Rockland, Carol Pettee (no town listed), Hannah Burke of Lincolnville, Dan Littlefield of Belfast, Sandra Crabtree of Lincolnville, Briar Lyons of Lincolnville, Joe Young of Warren, Cliff Pendleton of Lincolnville, Jon Ogletree of Waldo, Janice Boetsch of Lincolnville, David Pike of Hope/Islesboro, Greg Boetsch of Lincolnville, Aaron Boetsch of Lincolnville, Brian Dyer of Lincolnville, Scott Crockett of Lincolnville, Kip Boetsch of Union, Eric Tolman of West Rockport/Islesboro, Vance Johnson of Lincolnville, Anthony Davidson of Rockport, Jon Koski of Lincolnville, George Heal of Lincolnville and David Dyer of Searsmont.

The four classes for the event, with specification descriptions included, were: A Class Hydostatic/Diesel (750 cc or less, governor override allowed, mower deck can be removed, modifications to wheels, body and exhaust allowed); B Class Stock Mower (750 cc or less, governor override allowed, must have operating mower deck, no other modifications allowed); C Class Super Stocks (500 cc or less, and 501 to 750 cc races, most be a stock engine, no modification to internal engine with exception of steel push rods, exhaust and drive train modifications allowed, governor override allowed, mandatory wheelie bar and must wear helmet); and D Class Outlaw (750 cc or less, mandatory wheelie bar, modifications allowed to internal and external engine, stock mower drive train and stock mower rear transaxle).

Thunder Valley Racing will host another event on Saturday, Sept. 28 at Threshers Brewing Company in Searsmont.

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