Labor Day (my favorite holiday) Weekend is here. It doesn’t seem possible that summer has flown by so quickly. But at least now, with a decrease in tourism, driving won’t be as cutthroat and dangerous as in summer.

Perchin’ prediction

Things bode well for anglers this week. With a decrease in the number of recreational boaters, we should be able to fish, hassle-free. September stands as a great month for fishing and now with a letup in the hectic activity on popular lakes and ponds, our time on the water will be all the more enjoyable.

Possible UFO

Last Monday, at 8:56 p.m., I stepped outside to check out the sky and saw a dazzlingly bright, white light hovering slightly below Polaris. The object was silent and moved on a southerly slant toward the east.

I ran for my binoculars and managed to catch the object, which didn’t appear to have any particular shape because it was so bright. It would disappear and then reappear at odd intervals. And with one, final burst of brilliant light, it disappeared.

Was it a conventional aircraft? If not, what was it? If anyone saw this please contact me.

Weekly quote

“Our cause is noble. It is the cause of mankind.” — George Washington