Amid news reports that Muskegon, Michigan, now has a prognosticating muskrat predicting summer’s duration, Belfast’s clairvoyant crustacean, lobster Passy Pete, is preparing to make his own forecast.

Both challenge the 30-year solo reign of Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania as a forecaster of weather — in Phil's case, the length of winter.

While Muskrat Frank saw his shadow Tuesday and decreed eight more weeks of summer in Muskegon, Passy Pete sallies forth Labor Day morning with his own forecast, and the community is invited to turn out for the event.

Pete has been emerging from Belfast Harbor annually for the last four years, correctly predicting the continued length of the summer season each time.

He communicates his prophecy to a select group of local residents who call themselves the Belfast Barons, using scrolls that are safely preserved in a glass case at Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce during the intervening year, and are brought out each Labor Day.

Passy Pete is named after the local Passagassawakeag (or “Passy”) River that flows into Belfast Bay. His handlers, the Belfast Barons, treat him with the utmost dignity and respect, and return him to the harbor after his appearance each year. No boiling water or butter is involved in this annual ritual.

So, on Labor Day morning, Sept. 2, at 10 a.m., all are welcome at the Belfast waterfront as Passy Pete selects the scroll that will reveal the type of weather we can expect for the next six weeks.