The Kennebec Journal recently reported that Augusta will have the first "pedestrian scramble" crosswalk in Maine, where two crosswalks pass diagonally through an intersection. The crosswalk design depicted in the article appears to be the same as the one at the intersection of High and Main streets in Belfast.

State Department of Transportation spokesman Paul Merrill was cited in the article saying that he believes it will be the first of its kind in the state. However, Belfast added its crosswalk in June.

When contacted about the assertion this week, Merrill said the department’s traffic engineers were looking into the Belfast design but thought it was different from the one proposed in Augusta.

Augusta's claim to being first was mentioned in an Aug. 20 City Council meeting by Councilor Neal Harkness during communications to the public.

“I just want to point it out to whatever newspaper it was, that Belfast had an X crosswalk before Augusta did,” Harkness said. “ … And we beat them by a couple of months.”