Thanks to friends of Mosman Park

Once again our little park has enjoyed a busy season, wrapping up now with daily soccer practices! This is one of the very few places where families can get to the beach, enjoy a well-maintained playground, or a quiet moment. Since the days when David Mosman “allowed the boys to play ball in his lower pasture,” this has been the place for sports and recreation for town folks and visitors alike.

We thank all those who have contributed to our fundraising efforts, which include an annual appeal letter, a yard sale and donations from folks who have used the park for special events. Your donations, large and small, are all important to our maintenance efforts.

On Thursday, Sept. 26, our annual meeting will be held at Union Hall at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. We especially encourage our younger citizens to help us continue our efforts to keep Mosman Park the place for everyone to enjoy.

Faith L. Garrold, Secretary


A breath of fresh air

Over the last year and a half I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ridgely Fuller and was so pleased when she shared with me recently her decision to run for Belfast City Council, Ward 3. My experience of Ridgely is that of a deep listener, a compassionate human and a resourceful and clear thinker.

And maybe because of these attributes, Ridgely seems to have the ability to engage with someone with a different perspective in thoughtful and respectful conversation — truly a rare commodity these days where, in the political world, there seems to be a left, a right and very little in the middle.

This is not to say I think Ridgely is politically middle of the road, as I find her to be a progressive and creative problem-solver. I notice she can hear both sides of a complex issue and not let someone’s difference on an issue get in the way of cherishing that person for who they are, a valued fellow member of our community with whom she has more in common than in difference.

We need that kind of voice in Belfast politics right now. We have so much work to do as a community to build a future for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. This is a time of shrinking leadership and financial help from federal and state governments, while simultaneously seeing our taxes and fees rising while an ever-increasing burden is being placed on localities.

And all of this in a time of great uncertainty with the economy, the climate and politics at every level.

I think it’s time for something different. I think it’s time for Ridgely for Belfast City Council, Ward 3.

George Aguiar


Welcome back, Monroe!

What a wonderful surprise!  Monroe is back on the map at last.  We are so happy to have Ashlie Stubbs keeping us informed. Thanks for the two past weeks of news and many more to come.

Marge Sheridan


Editor's note: We'd be pleased to get other Waldo County towns "back on the map" as well — Jackson and Troy among them. Interested? Drop a line to

Here’s another view

Last week, “concerned Midcoast citizen” Jan Dolcater said in the column "Another View" that millennials (people ages 22-37) are bringing the country down because surveys show that compared to people 55 and over they are more than 20% less likely to consider themselves patriotic or to believe in God.

They’re also 20% less likely to rate having children as important. Dolcater says our founding fathers could never have imagined our country in such a moral free fall. “Do not stand on the sidelines and let the future of our beloved nation decline into the dustbin of history” is this writer’s clarion call.

Fair warning: I don’t attend church, and my attachment to any particular belief is my own business. I’m also a retired from 30 years of teaching “the benefits of socialism” in public school.

On the good side: I’m 72. And I have three children! On the bad side: Only one of my children has children; my two others choose for now to be childless. On the good side: I consider all of us to be moral people. We’re good to each other, to our neighbors, to our communities. We stay well within the law, we give to charity, we try to walk gently on the earth. But on the bad side: None of us goes to church.

The mere presence of religion in one’s life does not equate with morality. Look at our president. He is all but worshiped by many evangelicals, no matter how immoral his actions may be. As for what our founding fathers had to say about religion, they were mostly Deists. In Deism organized religion was not considered necessary for good people to be considered moral.

George Washington said he would hire workmen of any religious background — Mohammedans, Jews, Christians, even atheists! James Madison believed that an established state religion would deny a citizen’s right to exercise freedom of conscience. John Adams was concerned that Christianity was being misinterpreted in the service of superstition, fraud, and unscrupulous power. Thomas Jefferson considered Jesus to be a teacher, not necessarily divine. And Ben Franklin focused less about religion and more about virtue, which he considered moral behavior that served the public good.

To suggest that family size, religious status and adherence to his version of patriotism must be the bases for judging us to be good American citizens is appalling. Mine is another viewpoint entirely. But I hope to (whom/whatever) that it’s the prevailing one.

Beverly Roxby


Global Climate Strike rally

Engage Waldo has organized a local event in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike on Friday. There will be similar events all over the world — over 750 are planned in the United States alone.

We will be rallying at the corner of High and Main streets in Belfast at noon Sept. 20. If you are concerned about the planet, please join us standing in solidarity with students, workers and citizens all over the world who are striking against the climate emergency.

In their name we ask for these global actions:

(1) Keep fossil fuels in the ground — no new exploration or infrastructure.

(2) Reduce carbon emissions to zero in the near future.

(3) Accomplish these goals with a just transition which accords climate justice to all people.

Bring signs, wear climate T-shirts if possible.

We realize that many people have a conflict with Common Ground Fair. If you email us a selfie with a photo of you holding a relevant sign, we will make sure you are virtually represented at the rally. Use the email address

Trudy Miller

Engage Waldo