Enjoyed an evening down at the Field of Dreams watching my niece Amelia play soccer. I also got to visit with my neighbor Marty whose daughter Lucy was on the opposing team along with my little Pillsbury cousins Maxx and Richard. Good turnout for these fourth- and fifth-graders on a beautiful fall evening.

Save the date! Oct. 5 from 9 to 11 a.m., a free rabies clinic will be held at the Brooks fire station. Dogs on leashes and cats in carriers, please.

After many years of District 3 being under-represented in the Waldo County budget process, we are finally fully represented. Thank you to Brian Jones of Freedom and Bob Kurek of Palermo who are joining me to speak for the citizens of western Waldo County. This will be my fifth year serving on the committee; I love crunching numbers!

A reminder that trash stickers are required for EACH 39-gallon bag of trash you put out for curbside pickup. We've been noticing that sometimes three or four bags will be put out but only have one sticker on one of them. The bags without stickers will not be continued to be picked up. Stickers are $1.75 each and available at the Town Office, Mac's Hardware, Unity Shop 'n' Save and The Depot Store.

Speaking of trash … the executive director of MRC came to the selectmen's meeting Tuesday night to discuss and update us on the transition to Fiberight, the single-stream waste management system we agreed to join a couple of years ago. Trash is much more complicated than you'd think. They are still in a "testing" phase but expect to start taking our trash sometime in mid- to late-October.

They do not have, and will not have, the ability to deal with tires. We're looking at options to take your old tires, possibly a dumpster with a per-tire fee. The recycling center is also looking into this.

Let me underscore the importance of continuing to support the recycling center as they take our e-waste (e.g., TVs) and textiles. Metals should continue to be taken to TA's Automotive on Albion Road. I will update you again as more info becomes available.

The 2019 Austin J. Grant Memorial Hunter's Breakfast will be held again this year on opening day, Saturday, Nov. 2, from 4:30 to 11 a.m. at the Thorndike Town Office. Please reach out to Lori Grant Nason if you have items to donate for the raffle, would like your business name on the T-shirt (by Oct. 1), or would like to help with food donations. I'm hopeful the doctors will let me eat by then because I love Paul Stewart's home-baked beans!

Sending out speedy recovery wishes to Gary Pratt!

Happy 54th birthday to my big brother Matthew!