Two East Waldo Road residents had heart attacks in the last two weeks. Peter Velanzon and Judy Kaiser both were hospitalized and are now back home recuperating.

I’m told that in Judy’s case, the ambulance was a half-hour late because they couldn’t find Judy’s house, which seems a bit troubling on its face. Fortunately, the delay wasn’t a game changer, but if it were a case where minutes count, things could have gone terribly wrong.  This points out the importance of displaying addresses in a prominent manner, for, “just in case.”

In more East Waldo Road news, Cliff Mink reports that “Gimpy,” a one-legged American crow, visited his house last week. Gimpy has made the rounds between Belfast McDonald’s and East Waldo Road for going on five years.

One-legged birds are not all that uncommon. I remember “Pegleg,” a one-legged herring gull that would follow boats on Moosehead Lake, looking for handouts. Pegleg lived for many years and then one day he was gone. Let’s hope that Gimpy, the crow, has an equally long life.

In the garden

This will probably be the last “In the Garden” entry until next gardening season. Waldo had its first killing frost during the early morning hours of September 19, so except for some un-dug potatoes and carrots, there’s not much left to harvest.

In my case, I heeded the frost warning and except for green beans still growing in an EarthBox, picked everything that was left. Now my shelves and cupboards brim with tomatoes, peppers and onions. Winter squash have been dried and cured and now sit in a cubby beneath my writing desk.

Perchin’ prediction

I caught a nice brown trout last week, fishing Megunticook Lake with neighbor David Putnam. September always brings good trout fishing and it’s always hard to bid the ninth month farewell.

Fishing for panfish will continue throughout the fall and white perch continue to bite well. Mackerel remain in the bay and reports of very large mackerel have piqued my interest. I’ve caught mackerel well into November and the only difference between now and midsummer is that the crowds have left and few other anglers are out and about.

Early season

Don’t forget that the small-game hunting season opens early this year. First day falls on Saturday, Sept. 28.

Kirby’s Seafood

I frequently buy lobster and clams from Kirby’s Seafood in Waldo. Bill will probably continue lobster fishing for another month or more, so it’s not too late to get the freshest seafood. Lobster is not just for the summer anymore.

Weekly quote

“September blows soft,

Till the fruits in the loft.” ― Old English saying