Hello All,

Had a chance to get some apples from Mainely Orchard in Dixmont recently. The variety was "Zestar," a sweet, good-eating apple. I found out they have 50 varieties there in all. No cider, first time in 20 years, as the crops didn't yield enough for the cider pressing this year. Our spring weather was not good. Get some apples, can pick your own.

They tell me it is fall now, and the leaves are turning pretty colors. Checking the countryside you can see for yourself. The weather is great for the Common Ground Fair through this weekend we are having.


There is a free rabies clinic at the Brooks Fire Department on Saturday Oct. 5, 9 to 11 a.m. Dogs on leashes, and cats in carriers.

Theater event

Upcoming is the "Got Talent" show at the Marsh River Theater in Brooks, Saturday, Sept. 28, 7:30 p.m. show, call 722-4110 for info.

Flowers, yes, glads

There are still pretty gladiolas for sale at the end of Morse Road. Yellow, purple and pink, I noticed. Don Orff grew them.

Get well

A speedy get well to Gary Pratt. Cannot keep a good man down for long. Hope you are soon better from the heart surgery.


Our sympathy to the family of Kristi Abbott on her recent passing.

Benefit motorcycle ride and potluck

Taking place on Saturday, Oct. 5, 10 a.m. register and 10:30 a.m. ride begins, starting at Renys. The ride ends at the Searsmont Community Center where the potluck will be held from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Looking for donations of food for the potluck. There will be a raffle and 50/50 taking place as well.

This is being held in memory of Kristi Abbott. She passed away on Sept. 18 at age 34 from medical issues. She had three little children she leaves behind. Contact Mindi Peavey, Kim Gibson or Darlene Fuller if you wish to donate. Please share this info.

In the hospital

Rene Alley Walker is in EMMC at this time and she is not doing well. She is the daughter of the late David and Nellie Alley. She is on comfort care now. Thinking of her and family.

Football game and soccer

Get well to grandson Kayden Doughty who is on crutches as a result of an injury to his leg. Feel better soon, kiddo. And Katie Doughty with her ankle injury from soccer, sporting a boot on her foot. Hope you are back at it again. Love from Gram.

Until next week,

Happy fall, everyone! Pretty quiet here this week. Take care and be safe out there. The new law is in effect, no cell phones being hand-held. The distracted driving is scary, as people don't pay attention to the road at times, it's awful. Heads up all. Keep us safer.

Go pick some apples. There are still fresh veggies at the farm stands. Soccer and football are in full swing.

The farmers are still cutting grass and hauling it in. Some friends have gone off to Florida already. Safe travels to Dave and Sue Mann as they journey back down South.