Free veggies will be available 10/2 and 10/4 around noon till after 1 p.m. at the Public Safety Building,

175th anniversary calendars

The Searsport Historical Preservation Committee has published a 2020 calendar commemorating Searsport’s 175th anniversary, featuring 12 historic buildings, and now available for purchase.

Each photo, taken from Penobscot Marine Museum’s Eastern Illustrated glass slide collection, mentions interesting facts about the structure and, in most cases, shows a current illustration for comparison.

Revenues from calendar sales will be used to finance various historical projects for the town. Calendars can be purchased for $10 at Searsport Town Hall, Carver Memorial Library and the Searsport Antique Mall.

There will be a talk at Carver Memorial Library Thursday, Oct 3, at 6:30 p.m., called "Recognizing the Architecture of Searsport."

Women poets read

Eight women poets from Eastern and Midcoast Maine will read from their work published in "Balancing Act 2" on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 6:30 p.m. at Carver Memorial Library. The event is free and open to the public.

"Balancing Act 2," published in 2018 by Littoral Press, features the poetry of 50 Maine women.

Poets reading in Searsport will include Linda Buckmaster, Julie Kaber and Leslie Moore, all of Belfast, as well as Shirley Glubka of Prospect, Leonore Hildebrandt of Harrington, Valerie Lawson of Robbinston, Anne Britting Oleson of Dixmont, and Pat Ranzoni of Bucksport. The poets will read more of their poems in addition to the ones in the anthology.

Town Manager's Report

Public Works – A great deal of effort was made last month installing a new culvert and building up Cottage Street. This project has been in planning for many years. Over the spring, Woodard and Curran Engineers came up with an approved design. This was reviewed and blessed by the Maine DEP. The wet early summer made it nearly impossible to get any work done on this project. The crew has now completed about 85% of the work.

We need to do some final fill and grading before the paving begins. The neighbors have been paying close attention to our efforts. I think it is one of the best jobs we have ever done. The two young people who are mowing and trimming continue to do a great job.

Wastewater – Howard and Dan are doing well. I have no significant news to report.

Carver Memorial Library – The staff is doing well. Sue was able to identify a part-time librarian and we will introduce her to the board soon.

Ambulance – The Ambulance responded to 62 calls for service in August. They had two paramedic intercepts, and three inter-facility transfers. Both ambulances are running good and there are no equipment issues.

Fire – The Fire Department responded to 14 calls for service in July. They issued 87 burn permits for the month. The chief has no new truck or equipment issues to report.

Code Enforcement – Randy is doing well. He is trying to get the junkyard permits ready for next month for your approval. He did work with the state electrical inspector last month on a couple of properties that they were inspecting.

Police Department – There were 131 complaints for service in August. Searsport Police responded to about half of these calls. The Waldo County Sheriff’s Department and State Police covered the rest. We negotiated and hired Mike Rolerson as sergeant last month after his retirement from the Belfast Police. The department is short-staffed. We have all but a couple of shifts covered for the month of September. Officer McCrillis is back at school. All cruisers are up to date on service and are running well.

Economic Development – Dean Bennett is doing well. He continues to work on the parking lot project for downtown. He also continues to pursue the development of a TIF district downtown. Last week he started working with a new investor who is looking to bring an existing business to the east side of town for light manufacturing and retail. He and I met with a local building owner who shared some ideas for growth in our community. It was very refreshing to hear some outside-the-box ideas and we will follow up on our conversation.

Town Hall – I have no significant news to report from Town Hall.

Committees – The Shellfish Committee, Historic Preservation Committee and Planning Board all met last month. The 175th Anniversary Committee continues to meet on a biweekly basis.