Students at Edna Drinkwater Elementary School painted gourds and participated in other seasonal events during their annual fall Harvest Day Oct. 3. It is a way for the school to celebrate its agricultural roots while incorporating the major school subjects into fun activities.

Children painted gourds, made seed mosaics, learned to needle felt, created their own tea, baked cakes and learned about how bees pollinate. Grades K-six participated, while seventh- and eighth-graders helped with events.

Fifth-grade teacher Abby Plummer’s class organized the event. She helped students plan an opening ceremony and the day’s activities for Drinkwater’s 119 kids.

Students used vegetables grown in the school garden to bake cakes and other treats. They grew so much food this season that the school opened a farm stand that students helped manage over the summer.

Plummer thinks the garden and Harvest Day create a good opportunity for kids to learn about where food comes from and the science of agriculture.

“It’s a way to celebrate what gardening is to us, and what the organic culture means to our environment,” she said.