Members of the Camden Select Board agreed Oct. 8 to meet with the full Lincolnville Board of Selectmen about an agreement between the two towns for sharing the costs of maintenance and repairs for the East and West dams on the Megunticook River.

The invitation to meet first came from the Lincolnville board in June. Selectman David Barrows addressed the letter to Camden Select Board members Marc Ratner and Taylor Benzie regarding the "decades old policy" of sharing "the cost of routine upkeep and repair of these dams." Camden pays two-thirds of the cost and Lincolnville one-third. Ratner and Benzie are liaisons to Camden's Megunticook Dams Advisory Committee.

Central to the Lincolnville board's invitation is an interest in reviewing the agreement between the towns in light of Camden's discussions about reconstruction or modification of the East and West dams, plans to borrow funds for those projects and potentially to ask Lincolnville to repay a third of the loan.

Lincolnville board members indicated Sept. 9 that they were not satisfied with Camden Town Manager Audra Caler-Bell's Aug. 19 response that the two towns "schedule a meeting with a representative or representatives from each Board along with David Kinney (Lincolnville town administrator) and I."

She also stated that "Camden has no intention of passing along the cost of any fish passage project to the Town of Lincolnville."

Board members from Lincolnville prefer a joint meeting of the two town boards of elected officials, and said they do not operate by sending representatives to meetings. They said  Sept. 9 that until a re-examination of the dam agreement takes place, they will not commit to paying for dam upkeep and repair.

On Oct. 8, Camden Select Board member Allison McKellar described the agreement between the two towns to share costs for maintaining the dams as a handshake deal. There's nothing that forces them to pay a third of the bill, she said.