Reade, your anti-Trump argument is representative of how many people in our country feel. I get that, but it does not mean I agree with how you and the “many” view the world. Here is the thing: The 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump knew what we were getting. Trump’s coarse talk, name-calling and bullying were in full display during the campaign. As President Trump, his behavior has not changed; and that is unfortunate. But despite all his baggage, he is our president and is likely to be for another five years.

What is wrong, and damaging our country, is the incessant Trump-bashing. Since when do we keep count of how many lies a president, or any politician, tells? Who decides what is a lie and what is not? The Washington Post? And, when Trump’s “lies” turn out to be true statements, is the count adjusted?

Whether Trump is or isn’t a billionaire is not relevant. And, I don’t care about his taxes, so long as he pays what is due under the law. No more, no less. What is relevant, but not reported, is that candidate Trump pledged, if elected, to take no salary. When President Trump was told he, by law, must be paid, what did he do? Pocket the money? No, Trump donates his entire salary to various governmental departments.

The reason candidate Trump, against all odds, was elected president was that he promised to fix many of the big problems facing our country: bad trade deals, massive illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, failed foreign policy. These are now becoming promises kept.

NAFTA has been redone. The World Trade Organization recently ruled the U.S. can recover $7.5 billion from the European Union via new tariffs ― an offset for years of unfair EU trade practices. Trump is winning the trade war with China.

Illegal immigration has dropped significantly and with any luck, we will soon be able to dismantle all those cages that were built by the Obama administration.

Did Trump cut a deal with Turkey to get al-Baghdadi? All we know is, within a few days of the big troop pullout, both al-Baghdadi and his first lieutenant were dead. Either way, ISIS has been defeated and now beheaded.

Globally, the message is clear ― don’t mess with the U.S. Syria used poison gas and paid the price. Rocket Man has ceased firing. Iran is suffering under stiff economic sanctions.

Three years ago, the media and their handpicked experts predicted Trump would do all sorts of terrible things: The economy would suffer, the stock market would crash and Trump would get us into multiple wars ― he might even nuke someone.  Across the board, the media was wrong.

Yes, the rising national debt is bad. I have written about this before but it seems no one cares. The Obama years added more to the national debt than under any president. Note my wording. I did not say Obama added the debt. That is because it is Congress who raises money and it is Congress who spends money. Not the president. We need a balanced budget and soon.

A couple more things that are less obvious, I think. You say Trump ignores the experts. This sounds good. But on further review, who are these experts? Career military leaders are vested in waging war. Our country has been at war for 20 years. I, for one, have had enough. As Trump would say: F-bomb the experts!

You say Trump has “six bankruptcies in his history.” Actually, six of Trumps companies have filed for bankruptcy. And let’s put this in perspective: According to his official annual OGE disclosure form 278e, as of Jan. 19, 2017, Donald Trump was the head of 565 companies (he resigned from all of his companies on Jan. 20, 2017, the day he was sworn in as president of the United States).

From what I could find online, about 3% of businesses declare bankruptcy annually. By this measure Trump has been enormously successful. Six out of 565 is just a little over 1%. This is a perfect example of Trump-bashing! Said another way, Trump’s companies have been 99% successful!

I have read the transcript of the July 25 Ukraine phone call several times. I do not see the problem. And it seems my opinion is shared by every single Republican in Congress. And let me go one step further: I do not want any of my tax dollars given away to any country without a “quid pro quo.” No free lunch.

Impeachment is the nuclear option to remove a president whose actions are damaging our country. It is not intended to be the vehicle to bash a president who cannot be defeated at the polls.

Randall Poulton is a columnist for The Republican Journal. He lives in Winterport.