Reade and Randy have decided to try to show, by example, what civil discourse looks like. Reade tries to understand Randy and Randy respectfully answers his questions. In the end, were minds changed or “aha” moments achieved? Probably not. But is this better than name-calling, abasing or trying to out-yell each other? Randy and Reade think so. Reade’s point is morality matters; Randy may not disagree, but is willing to overlook it in the name of a “smoking economy,” one Reade describes as throwing gasoline on a fire.

Let’s take this online to Village Soup (Knox and Waldo counties) and see what you think and have to add. As a courtesy to us, please keep it respectful. Thanks!


“Randy, interesting points, but six bankruptcies “good” because he’s had lots of businesses? As an entrepreneur with about 50 businesses to date, including several “lack of successes” ending in closures, never has a vendor gone unpaid. Never was the mode of operation to consistently not pay workers, as Trump does in non-bankruptcy situations. Giving Trump the benefit of the doubt and a 10% margin of error, still loads of lies; how is that OK? Finally, what about Trump’s fake university bilking people of life savings, his fake nonprofit court-ordered shutdown, and his recent $2 million fine for stealing donations from veterans he claims to “love”?”


Reade, I respect the way you have done business. It is the right way. As for who got hurt by Trump's business failures, I know that the primary losers were lenders; both banks and bond holders. This happens. I invested in VERSO and lost everything. That was my decision (and a poor one!). Trump (and VERSO) made lots of people richer and some people poorer. I don't believe what Trump did was any less scrupulous than when General Motors filed for bankruptcy. And, please don't say Trump stole money from veterans. What happened was Trump's people commingled campaign donations with Trump Foundation donations. This is wrong, and sloppy, but no harm was done. The court did not impose any penalties, interest or damages and all the money raised for veterans eventually got to the intended charities.


Randy, it’s not the stockholders or banks being bilked I fret about; it is all the laborers he has cheated over the years. And, you say the Trump Foundation was “sloppy” and no harm done? Why did a court have to order him to pay the $2 million? If it was sloppy, fix it and pay it before the court orders you to. Was it also “sloppy” that Trump University was shut down for malfeasance? When there is a lot of smoke, usually there is fire.


Reade, I get that you disagree with how Trump did business. I, too, have heard Trump's business bankruptcies sometimes hurt some small vendors. That is sad and I agree that is wrong. But it is legal. And, remember, 99% of Trump's business did not end in bankruptcy. All the money Trump raised for charity has been given to charity. The Trump University matter was settled out of court. Trump maintains he would have won in court, but my guess is his insurance company decided to settle. Unfortunately, with lawsuits, it is often cheaper to settle than fight. The smoke you see may be the economy cooking. The Dow set another high yesterday!