Members of local political group Engage Waldo held a rally last week in support of impeaching President Donald Trump. They gathered in front of the Belfast post office Tuesday night for one of dozens of events across the country with the theme "Nobody is Above the Law."

A few dozen people participated Dec. 17, the night before the expected vote in the House of Representatives on impeaching Trump. The 15-minute rally drew honks from passing cars as attendees shouted in support of impeaching the president.

Engage Waldo founder Trudy Miller said she thinks Trump will be impeached, but does not think the Senate will convict him, which would remove the president from office. She said it is still important to move forward with the impeachment, so that he knows people are watching his actions.

“I think we all (Engage Waldo) feel that even though I don’t know anybody that thinks that he will actually be removed, we all feel he should be,” Miller said. “And we feel that if this doesn’t happen, if the articles of impeachment aren’t passed, it means that there’s absolutely no check at all on Donald Trump’s behavior.

“There’s nothing, because he can only be checked by another branch of the government. And even if he isn’t removed from office, I think that making this step is really important to say he has abused power.”

Miller said she does not take the impeachment process lightly and would not want it used as a political ploy to kick disliked politicians out of office. She supports it in this instance because she believes Trump has broken the law.

“Impeachment is something that’s, like, incredibly serious for our country,” Miller said. “I don’t take it lightly at all and it does worry me that … some people may think that this is, in a sense, just the latest legal political entertainment …. And this is so important.”

Democratic U.S. Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden, who represent Maine's 1st and 2nd Districts, respectively, have already stated their intent to vote for the first charge, abuse of presidential power. Golden will vote down the second impeachment charge of obstruction of Congress, While Pingree will support it.

Trump allegedly pressured Ukraine to announce an investigation into a company where former Vice President Joe Biden’s son previously sat on the board of directors when Biden appeared to be a likely potential rival in the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump is accused of withholding military aid, previously approved by Congress, to pressure the Ukrainian president to announce the investigation.

Trump has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and has called the impeachment a “witch hunt.” He said he released the funds though no investigation was announced. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denies being bribed into announcing an investigation of Hunter Biden.

Miller was satisfied with the rally’s turnout and atmosphere. She said 120 people signed up online, but thought the snow might have thrown attendance off. She does not think an impeachment could divide the country any more than it is currently.

“Unfortunately, I think what’s happened, based on what I’m reading, is that the actual impeachment process to date has not actually changed how people are thinking,” Miller said. “… That’s disturbing to me, but it’s definitely not dividing it more.”