July 28, 1870

Work to be Done. The young men, farmers and others upon the line of the railroad, now that the hurry of haying is over, may find employment for the next three months in working on the ballasting of the road. Men are needed to shovel the gravel upon the cars, ride to the point of discharge, and shovel it upon the track. A very large sum is to be expended in this way, and if our people are wise they will secure a share of it. Application may be made to the contractors or to the foreman on the cars.

On Monday, a snake of a kind never before seen here, was discovered crossing the sidewalk near Hayford Hall. It was black, with a white ring around its neck. A man who saw it says it is common in the South, and very venomous. It was killed. Are we to have tropical reptiles along with tropical weather?

July 28, 1892

A young girl and boy arrived in Belfast last week direct from Ireland. They have relatives in this city who sent for them. The couple brought with them, by request, a sod from the old country which is now in possession of a woman who left Ireland many years ago. An Irishman never forgets old Ireland and a view of the old sod is most inspiring.

About noon last Saturday a large ring, of a reddish tinge, encircled the sun. It was a strange sight, and many who saw it said they had never before seen the like. One man interpreted it as presaging a drouth.

July 23, 1914

Fourteen members of the fire department were entertained by Horace Chenery last Sunday at his log cabin at Tilden’s pond. All sorts of sports, including boating, a ball game and other athletics, were enjoyed, and the baked bean dinner, cooked in the famous beanhole in the ground, was a special feature. Mr. Chenery entertains the firemen every year at his camp, and it is an event which is always anticipated with much pleasure.

July 28, 1921

The new one dollar bills used by the Dinsmore store in advertising their special sale of shoes were stolen some time during Thursday night. The thief cut and slashed the window shades rather than take the risk of raising them. The loss was discovered early Friday morning. Officers are investigating the case and hope to land the thief.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.